Desmond 'Cah' CahillEdit

Desmond (Cah) Cahill

Name Desmond Trevor Cahill


Anvil 3-1 Delta


Unknown(around 32)
Rank Sergeant
Status Alive
Weapons M16A4, M4A1, UMP-45, Mk11 mod 0, M1014, M93 Raffica, FMG9

He appears in the missions: This we'll defend, Operation: Breakpoint, Silence is Golden, Nothing to Fear, Queen takes Rook, Now or Never and Ashes to Ashes.

Sergeant Desmond Cahill is a Marine part of Anvil 3-1 ​

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about his life as a child. We know he has dyslexia, because his friends make jokes that he can't read some files. He served the USMC since 2001 where he was a soldier in Iraq. He is a designated marksman as you can see in Silence is Golden, because he is the only one of his team who is carrying a sniper. He is good friends  with Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Martinez and he dislikes Captain Benjamin Shaw. His choice of weapon is M16A4 with AGOC sight and a Grenade Launcher

Mex-American WarEdit

Cahill is part of Anvil 3-1. His first assignement is to clear downtown Los Angeles.

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