Warning: There is some swearing in this story/

Day of InfamyEdit

June 9, 2023

0601 Hours

Onboard the USS John F. Kennedy

"Good morning servicemen!" screamed Corporal Steven Ray, host of the AFN Pacific Radio, "It's a beautiful morning in the Pacific today, blue skies all the way from Yokosuka to San Fran. To honor all you servicemen out in those blue sea, I'd like to play you some classic hits from back in the day...."

Sergeant Paul Clark sat on the deck cleaning his standard issued SCAR-H assault rifle, while his squad danced around to lastest Electro music of the currently hot as hell summer. He looked to his side, the rest of the US Seventh Fleet sailing along side the Kennedy. Clark's squad, along with the rest of the III Marine Expeditionary Force, were a part of the recent display of American power in the Pacific; which was of course aimed at the People's Republic's rising antagonism to it's neighbor: Taiwan.

Clark sighed, long ago he had served in Afghanistan, nearly 19 years ago. He fought insurgents in the most dry and deserted hell holes of the country, but he'd always felt strangely comforted that it was only insurgents. Now, he was on is way with a thousand others to go head on with a nuclear power in a massive effort of brinksmanship? That was tough for Clark to handle, but no one else seemed to mind. Then again, he was basically in charge of some dipshit FNGs, but it was better than nothing.

"Yo Sarge!" yelled Private Mark Hernandez, jumping to the music,

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