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"At least he has some common sense, unlike you Camper."
Maj. Gen. Adams
Easy Steps

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Call of Duty: Battlegrounds


Alex "Roadkill" Summers


Task Force 281


AEK-971, M14 Garand, UMP-45, MP5, AA-12, Saiga-12, Dragunov SVD, Mountain Eagle, RPK, M2 Browning, Desert Eagle, Five-seveN


West Point, New York, US


Day 1, 2016


1. Pick up M14 Garand from table.

2. Transition from ADS to hip-fire.

3. Shoot targets from the hip.

4. Shoot targets by ADS.

5. Switch M14 to full-auto.

6. Fire M14 at targets down range.

7. Pick up AEK-971 at next station.

8. Shoot target through wood.

9. Pick up UMP-45.

10. Pick up MP5.

11. Switch between weapons.

12. Pick up AA-12.


Easy Steps is the first level in Call of Duty: Battlegrounds. The player is shown how to use the controls and intoduces you to the other main characters in Call of Duty: Battlegrounds.

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