Emily Allers
ACB Lucy

Date of Birth

1/30/2027, Columbus, Ohio, USA (Age 25)


MA-90 AR, MP-5k w/ ACOG sight and Suppressor, Mk. 23 w/ Suppress and SureFire Tac Light


CHSDF(Formerly), United States Marine Corps


5 feet, 6 inches


Sergeant First Class




Second in command, Medic, Tactician and Pilot


Corporate War

Notable Facts

Daughter of Overlord, one of the best pilots in the CHSDF

Notable Engagements

Seige of Moscow, Rescue of President Reznov, Sabatage of the USS Anzio

Sergeant Frist Class Emily Allers was the executive officer of the CHSDF X-Ray Team during the Corporate War against Frontline Global Operations.


Early Childhood

Emily's early childhood was spend studying military tactics, mostly the tactics of her father Overlord. She never had any close friends and the few she did have considered her as a recluse. When her father taught her about the Silencer War, Emily instantly recognized Warwolf's name. Overlord told her that Warwolf single handedly hunted down and eliminated Dmitri Karkov, Oxide, Dmitri Dragovich, Viktor Karkov, and Shane "Aztec" Auditore. Emily wanted to meet Warwolf, much to her father's surprise.

The month after her twelfth birthday, Emily went to Cameron to find Warwolf. On her first day, she was about to be mugged by three washed out members of the defence force, only to be saved by Canderous, Warwolf's son. At that moment, Emily switched objectives from just meeting Warwolf to learning how to fight and surrive on the battlefield. This decision would not only change everything that she knew about modern military training but also her own inner circle.

Personality & Characteristics

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