Ethan Isaac
Nickname(s) Surge
Rank Vice Admiral (VADM, O-9)
Affiliations Navy SEALs
Status Alive; Active
Birth 9/09/90
Death N/A
Weapon G36C, MP5K, Mk. 23 SOCOM

Vice Admiral (VADM O-9) Ethan "Surge" Isaac was a U.S. Navy Seal operating during the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. He was a CQB expert and Technician in SEAL Team 3's 3rd Platoon. Later he trained as an Astronaut and became the first man on the moon Phobos during the MARATHON Shuttle program.


Early LifeEdit

Ethan was a very smart and courageous boy as a kid, he was a straight-A student but was one to get in trouble at school. He was an anti-bully and wasn't very religious but was considered an Anglican Christian because of his family. He was interested n Space since he was 5 years old but was also scared at the fact that after that it just goes on forever. Ethan was a good swimmer and had reached the 10th swimming level by age 7. His parents were neither rich nor poor and considered themselves mid-upper class. He still however was able to afford a big arsenal of Airsoft guns which included his favourite, the G36C.


He joined the U.S. NAVY SEALs and began the BUD/S training. In the first phase, Ethan was definatly pushed to the limit, "Hell Week" had lived up to the stories. Phase two was almost as tiring and painful but was mostly water based. Phase three was more live fire and dry-land training. It probably seemed easier because of "Hell Week".

The NicknameEdit

On Ethan's first mission, the tech specialist was killed in action during the breach of an estate/safe house of terror cell leader Sasha Tosimov, who was quickly escaping on a Hind helicopter. Ethan was the second most qualified technician and had to hack into the helicopter's computerized refueling network. However, the refueling network was very advanced and recognized the attempt and shut down the hack attempt. Ethan quickly grabbed onto the Hind and smashed an EMP "grenade" through the Hind's cockpit window (which had been partly shattered by an explosion earlier). The grenade created a so called "Power surge". His story was told so many times by other SEALs that the name "Surge" stuck with him.

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