The European Union is a political and economic union of certain European Countries
EU Flag

Flag of the European Union


Berlin Act, combining the EU armyEdit

In early 2011, President of the European Council Adam Steinway perposed a law that would create a fully functional army. In the past, countries would use there armies to fight. This new proposition made all of Europe's armies one, making it a match to Russia's.

Unanimously, the law was passed, and the Euro Corps, first started in 1993, grew to a major size.

Euro Corps

Involvement in the Second Russian Civil WarEdit

Though the SAS and the U.S. Marine Corps were the primary participant in the conflict againist the Ultranationalists, many European Union Special Forces groups participated also. Groups such as the Kommando Spezialkräfte and the French Special Forces conducted operations againist major Ultranationalist funders.

They also conducted in many other operations, such as Assaisinations and H.V.T. extractions, until the end of the war.

The Russian Invasion of AmericaEdit

Following the first wave of the Invasion of America, the EU army was placed near the border of Russia; fearing retaliation from the Russians. For the rest of the Invasion, the EU and Russia argued over conflicts with EU forces in Afganistan, which had been attacked by the Russian's. After the invasion, EU secretly supported the US plan to counter attack the Russians, hoping that it would bring stability to the region once more.

Military Forces:Edit


European Union Army (2020)


EU general inspecting base (2011)


Swiss Army


European Army (2020)

20071113parade focus 02

EU General inspecting soldiers (2011)

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