F/A-23 Super Raptor

Developed By:


First Introduced:


Used In:

U.S.-UNSC Wars

Top Speed:

Mach 2.0


2,500 Pounds Of Munitions


758 Miles

Developed in 2023 by Boeing Aerospace in a bid to build the next generation of U.S. Air Force air superiority to succeed the F-22 Raptor. The result of this was the F/A-23 Super Raptor, an aircraft superior to the original F-22 in almost every way, and made the cutting edge Chengdu J-20 look like a toy plane. With sensors embedded in a new extended tail, it now could see both in front and behind it, giving the pilot a 360 degree view of the battlespace, allowing him/her to formulate plans much more effectively.

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