The FN SCAR is a belgian/american aussalt rifle, that appears in Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Eclipse.

Call of Duty: WarzoneEdit

The SCAR appears in three variants, the heavy version, the light version and the PDW version. _________________________________________________________________________________________________


""Accurate, effective and a low amount of time to kill, the SCAR-L competes for the top spot of best aggressive weapon. The damage and range combine makes it a balanced weapon good in most situations. it is perfect for mid-range combat, but can fail in close range combat because of the slow rate of fire."
―In-game description
Console codename



45-25 (SP), 35-25 (MP)

Damage Multipliers

1.5x Head
1.0x Elsewhere

Magazine Size

30 rounds


Aussalt Rifle

Starting Ammunition

120 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

180 rounds

Reload Time

2,25s loaded
2,55s unloaded

Rate of Fire

705 RPM




Very low



Fire Mode

Automatic (3-round burst)

Original sound

w/ Suppressor


The SCAR-L makes his tribute in the campaign as one of the main weapons. It's used by almost every American unit. It's used in most missions were stealth is not recommended. The damage is better than in the multiplayer, however compared to other weapons it's not changed that much to see a big difference.


The SCAR-L is unlocked after you completed the challenge Indestructible, where you have to get 5 killstreak 10 times, in the assault class. It possesses a moderately rate of fire, low recoil, excellent range and mobility. However it has a low damage and low bullet penetration, but the average time to kill is still impressive. It's great during heavy firefights, because of the good accuracy and mobility, which is used to move your sight fast. The sights are good, so a optic is not recommended. However the ACOG sight and other sights with a bigger zoom are good to use. The silencer is a great choice for this weapon, because the range is very good and it already has low damage. Extended mags is not recommended, because due the low RPM, it doesn't fire all his rounds that fast. 

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Call of Duty: Eclipse Edit

The FN SCAR H is an assault rifle that appears in Call of Duty: Eclipse. In the campaign, it is employed by the US Army Rangers in the level Storming the Desert, and then later by Task Force 66 during the levels Behind the Veil and ASGARD Awaits.



Damage Multipliers

1.6x Head

Magazine Size

20 rounds (30 with Extended Magazines)


Assault Rifle

Unlocked at


Cost (Nazi Zombies)

950 (From Mystery Box)


8 Tokens

Starting Ammunition


Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time

2.20s loaded 2.43s unloaded

Rate of Fire

700 RPM







Fire Mode



3-Round Burst

Used by

US Army Rangers

Task Force 66

Multiplayer Edit

"An advanced, and powerful, Rifle employed by the United States Special Forces, the FN SCAR H has the highest damage and penetration available in its class, with somewhat heavier recoil."
―In-game Description

The FN SCAR H is the most powerful assault rifle, on a shot-for-shot basis, available in the game. However this power does come with the trade off of accuracy, with firing more that three or four shots leading to wildly off target shots. Taking a Foregrip can help mitigate some of its wild recoil, while taking the Marker perk can help the player locate and finish off a wounded opponent thanks to the rifles greater penetration power.

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