The FP-45 Liberator is a very crude handgun designed by the United States to be mass-airdropped into hostile-occupied territories during the Second World War.
FP-45 Liberator (cropped)

The FP-45 in Real Life.

In Call of Duty: World At WarEdit

The Liberator appears in the Insurgency game mode as the only gun immediately availible to the players. It has a one-round capacity and has 9 spare rounds of .45 acp. It suffers from a very low penetration value and the harshest damage penalty over range in the entire game, being a one-hit kill at eight metres maximum (and even then pretty unlikely) unless the player scores a very lucky headshot. While the player can sight with the Liberator, its sights are crude and inaccurate at best, and should not be relied upon for any reason. It is certainly a compeditor for the dubious honour of the worst gun in the entire Call of Duty series, and should be used only if there are no other options availible.

In Fan FictionEdit

The Liberator has yet to make an appearance in any fan fiction, however this may change.


  • As one round, the Liberator has the lowest ammo capacity of any non-launcher weapon in the entire Call of Duty series, along with the least carried ammo.
  • The Liberator has the shortest range of any non-shotgun weapon, and even then several shotguns outrange it.

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