forest trouble


cia agent john mike


m4a1 beretta 9mm


equestrian army cordis die


feb 4 2029


aokigahara forest

mission walktroughEdit

it was a raining day in japan its flooded two cia members spying to cordis die kill all cordis die agents and you begin 

an assault in parking lot all cordis die agents killed equestrian army fallback to the forest kill all the soldiers even robot soldiers 

after the assault dive to flooded tunnel kill all divers then kill all of equestrian army in tunnel defend the place until helicopters are here 

starting weaponsEdit

  • m4a1
  • beretta 9mm

weapons that foundEdit

  • p90
  • m4a1
  • lsat
  • scar h
  • smaw ( unusable )


cia agent  john mike

cia angent  michael casta

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