Free Roam Edit

Free roam is a new game mode in CoD: GZ. In free roam the player can select from three characters:

  • Captain David Le Sands- A U.S. SF Operative on holiday
  • Freddy Sonic- A Builder
  • Rachel Heart- Co-Host of the Truth or Fake? Game Show

When they choose a character you are in Virginia Beach, a very busy city and you are hired by the Anti-Gang Force to stop violence. The gameplay is like Saints Row or GTA but you get to go in every building if you can gain access, go to banks to store money, go to the HQ and ask the accountant to save cash, do parkour triks and stunts, unlock cribs, trade, bet, set HQs and much much more.


In Free roam you are given 20 missions at the start but when you finish them don't worry, you can download 3 brand new missions per week on Call of Duty: Elite!


  • The A.G.F. is like S.T.A.G. from Saints Row the Third.
  • If you die from falling you get the I Beleive I Can Fly... Silver trophy or 50G Acheivment.

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