For those who have read my story "Road to Poljana " this is the future of the characters.

The Future of the characters Edit

  • Raphael and Marija-Elena: After the war they got married. Raphael got a job being a teacher like his parents while Marija-Elena returned to work as a civilian nurse.
  • Nikola: Nikola became a police officer. He eventually bought a Chevy in the late 50's.
  • Živa: After the war she opened a café. In 1955 she got remarried.
  • Viktor and Gorcia: The two got married in early 1947 and later that year they had a son named Boris. They stayed in Viktor's home town Pulva, Istria and every year they go to Macedonia at least once. In 1946 they opened a Mechanics shop together.

If anyone has any characters they want to see on this list tell me

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