Gavin S Scott
Gavin in Europe
Appears in Call of Duty: The Missing Weapon
Rank Corporal
Affiliations US Army 75th Ranger Regiment
Status Alive
Birth July 9th, 1992 Clarksburg, West Virginia
Death N/A
Weapon M416, M1911, Any weapon picked in the campaign

Corporal Gavin S. Scott is a US Army Ranger. Cpl. Scott serves in the 75th Ranger Regiment in Onix Team, under the command of Sgt. Cameron Harper and Cpt. Kevin Trenton. Scott is the main character and protagonist of Call of Duty: The Missing Weapon.


Gavin first appears in the "Raid!", the second level of the campaign of Call of Duty: The Missing Weapon, Gavin's squad is involved in investigating Russian general Vadim Ryzhkov, who was thought to be involved in criminal activities. His squad has to get a binder with an agenda and journal from Vadim Ryzhkov, when they recover the binder, a platoon of Russian soldiers ambushes Onix team and they are engaged in a sniper fight with enemy snipers, one of the squad members is injured by a sniper and a Russian Fulcrum jet bombs the squad's position. A squadmate is unconscious and the squad escapes the military facility in an RHIB and reaches the USS Wasp.

After a thourough investigation of the binder, it is determined that the Ryzhkov's unit is a highly dangerous rogue Russian army group.

During the rest of the campaign, Gavin will be the protagonist and must track down Vadim Ryzhkov. At one point in the campaign, Vadim's brother Boris informs US forces that Vadim has stolen a WMD of unknown capabilities. It is then when Gavin must track down the weapon and destroy it.


  • He is voiced by David Menkin, the same voice actor of Preston Marlowe.
  • Gavin seems to be the most disciplined of his squad, only after Sgt. Harper and Cpt. Trenton

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