Gun Defense is a strategy game released for the XBox Live Marketplace, the Playstation Store and the Wii Shop. It focuses on an alternate world with different countries the player can create. The game appears to be set in a scale model battlefield.

Players can create their country or use the default ones. By creating countries, players can control their nation's progress, by increasing their military and police force, form alliances with other nations, create military coalitions and declare war on other nations.

Creating a Nation

To create a nation, players must enter the following data:

  1. Name of the Country
  2. Type of Government
  3. Government Ideology (Optional)
  4. Name of Leader
  5. Flag
  6. Cultural Background (Optional)
  7. Capital City (Optional, can choose more than one)

NOTE: Offensive names and flags are not allowed.

If players have not chosen to create a country, default information will be added, which can be changed if players want to.

Game Styles

There are two game styles, Military Style and Police Style, both styles of game have different objectives, but both can be played on all game modes.

Military Style


Players' nations have to direct a military campaign against a common enemy, it can either another nation or an irregular force. In this mode, players control their nations against their enemies, in the end ensuring victory and finishing the campaign.


There has been a crisis between your nation and their rival country, which has been stacking chemical and nuclear weaponry, and increasing their army. A series of events occur between the two, but this event set off the powder keg. Your nation decides to take military action after discussing the issue with your ministers and your secretaries, your armed forces have been mobilized. To ensure victory, you must guide your troops against the threat posed by your enemy and defeat them, to end the conflict once and for all.

Your first mission is to land on enemy territory, and occupy their coast and set a beachhead. To do this, you must employ your main landing force, composed by infantry and armored vehicles, backed with heavy ship artillery.

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