Gundam SEED Destiny Empire





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Phillip Wesolowski

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The story take place during the year of C.E 93. A war bewteen the Earth Force and the Empire became know as the First Earth Force War.

Phillip Uchiha a young captain of the Empire has train a team to take care of the job. The team is know as Task Force 143. There mission is to fight the Earth Force and Logo. The First Earth Force WTar is started by a man name Imran Zakhaev. The Empire right away decare war between both the Earth Force and Logo. Chairman Rii Okami sent soldiers in diffent countries to find the 6 horsemen (Makarov, Al-Asad, Victor Zakhaev, Imran Zakhaev, Kenji "Cresent" Uchiha and Alphard Zakhaev). Task Force 143 first mission is to find Alex Lopez and save him from Mexican Milta soldiers. They find out after they save him the Zakhaev has big plans to stop the Empire. The next place Task Force 143 when to was to Russia in the mountain. Phillip and Spike could not believe what they saw. Plans to destroy the Empire.

A few days later, A nuked was drop in Afagastan. It killed 30,000 USMC soldiers.

In Japan, Russian forces attack the Empire base. Phillip and the team when in to action. Phillip took out as many as he could and try to regroup with Spike.

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