Tango Down studios




"OpenX4" Engine


Single Player, Multiplayer,online/offline co-op




PS3, XBOX 360, PC, WII U.


Open World,First/Third person shooter, Sci-Fi, RPG.



Gunmen is an open world, RPG developed by Tango Down studios and published by Activision. It is the first game made by Tango Down studios and is the first of a new series of games. It uses the "OpenX4" game engine witch powers its stunning graphics and makes it one of the most realistic games to date.


Gunmen is set in the year 2084 when a a project is launched in the US. The objective of the project is to extract natural supplies from the moon to experiment its uses. A team of 20 astronauts are sent up to the moon on a 2 week mission to complete the objective. The mission is sucessful and experiments begin on the supplies. After 3 months of experiments sientists discover that the supplies are highly explosive and can be used to harness the power of nuclear bombs. The supplies fall into terrorist possesion and a war begins to reclaim them. After a year of fighting the terrorists use the supplies. They drop bombs on New York, Washington, California and 30 other states, leaving the US in ruins. Each state sets up its own group of survivors and fights for supplies as the US falls into a dark age.  


As the single-player in Gunmen is an open world game it features various locations around the world. Its gameplay is much like an MMO game and allows you to take on tasks which could ultimately lead to a diffrent outcome. It also features an option to change from FPS to 3rd person. You can choose from 25 different characters to play as at the start of the game and can custimize them with clothes, armour and weapons. You must also chose to join a group of survivors, there is 10 in the game and each is in control of a certain state. The land which is not occupied is known as the Frontier and is where most battles take place. Even though you can take on different tasks and chose to fight in different battles you must play all 40 missions in the game which make up the main story of the game, survive and bring peace to the Nation.

The game also features 2 other modes, the multiplayer mode, and co-op mode. The multiplayer mode is not much different to any other games multiplayer and features 20 modes, these include; Dogfight mode, 1v1, Team DeathMatch, Survival mode, Invasion mode, Death Zone, Extraction point etc. In the multiplayer mode you can only acquire new weapons and equipment by buying them with in game credit.

It also features an offline/online co-op mode. You'll be able to play a total amount of 15 co-op side missions in the mode. These mission's objectives mostly feature small battles and ambushes. You're also able to play splitscreen using you're multiplayer profile.


Assault Rifles

Myweapon 3


Rifle 2


Assault rifle 03





Sub Machine guns                                                   

Rifle 1


Rifle 5






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