The H&K HK417 is an german battle rifle, that appears in Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: WarzoneEdit

"Intended to be a designated marksman rifle, the HK417 is a deadly long range weapon. The penetrative power and damage are high to kill at 1000m in a few shots. Low recoil makes it complete. However the weapon will fail in close quarters."
―In-game description
H&K HK417
Console codename




Damage Multipliers

1.6x head
1.1x chest
1.0x elsewhere

Magazine Size

20 rounds


Battle Rifles

Starting Ammunition

60 rounds

Maximum Ammunition

120 rounds

Reload Time

2.35s loaded
2.7s unloaded

Rate of Fire

600 RPM




Low/ moderate


Very high

Fire Mode

Semi automatic (Automatic)

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Call of Duty: Iron WolfEdit

The HK rifle appears as the HK 417 in Call of Duty: Iron Wolf.


The HK 417 will be Charlie "Spike" Thompson's weapon during the flashback mission of Sagitarrio. It is unknown if it will be useable in any other missions. In the campaign version, the full magazine is 20 rounds and it fires in two round burst.


The HK 417 will be unlockable at an early level. The magazine size is increased to 30 rounds and it will be a 3 round burst fire weapon.


The HK 417 is a confirmed weapon to appear in Zombies. It can be purchased off the wall for 1000 points or may be a random weapon rolled from the Mystery Box for 950. It retains its 30 round magazine and fires in the standard 3 round burst. Therefore, using this weapon is best at a distance, where it tends to perform poorly up close against zombies. While unfavorable due to the semi-auto action and lower damage, it can be devastating especially to special enemies at longer distances. The 30 round capacity is backed by 210 reserve rounds.

The Pack-a-Punch machine will upgrade it to the Hell-Kisser 417000. The upgrade will grant a fully automatic capability as well as a higher magazine capacity of 40 rounds and 280 reserve. The weapon can now serve as a main defense weapon, having much better work in close quarters and the low recoil allows bursts and even fully automatic fire to be very proficient at long range.

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