Day I, 2017Edit

It was a cold, but clear, morning in the forested mountains of eastern Kazakhstan. Soap stood on a cliff, looking at a large cabin. It was his home now. In order to evade the forces of the Shadow Company, he, Cpt. Price, and Nikolai fled here. Soap thought back to the day he had killed General Shepherd. He had nearly died. But he had survived, and now he was here.

"Soap, there's one over there." said Price. This woke Soap out of his daydreaming. He picked up his rifle and moved down the trail to a group over trees. "Don't miss," Price said. "I won't." He looked down the iron sights of his rifle, and fired. His target fell to the ground, as still as a log. Price and Soap ran over to where the target lay. :

"Nice job," Price exclaimed, "now that's how you kill a deer". Price and Soap were out hunting. They shot a few more deer, and were on their way back to the cabin when they heard trucks.roaring towards them. Soap and Price reloaded their rifles. If the trucks were hostile, they were ready for a fight.

The convoy stopped. Out popped a large man that wore goggles. He had a US Army uniform on, so Soap wasn't sure if he was hostile or not. The man spoke: "I am Colonel Johnson of the 1st Battlion, 75th Range Regiment. I believe you two are former Captain John Price and former Captain John MacTajosh". "It's MacTavish," Soap said angrily. "Right," the Colonel said," and now lets get down to business."

The man spoke with a booming voice, "I have a proposition for you."

Day 2Edit

Soap, Price, the colonel, and a squad of soldiers sat down in the belly of an Apache helicopter. "All right, here's the plan." The colonel spoke to the other men in the helicopter. "We are about to enter Russian controlled airspace over North Carolina. We will get off the helicopter and attack a building in Charlotte where American collaborators are about to give the Russians top secret information about US intelligence." Soap got his assault rifle ready, a snazzy ACR with a Red Dot Sight.

"We're almost there" Johnson called, and got his rifle ready, an M4A1 with a grenade launcher. All of a sudden loud beeping noises were heard from the cockpit. "We were hit by a stinger missile!" the pilot yelled. "Hold on!" The copter spun, and all of a sudden Soap blacked out.

"Soap! Soap!" Slowly Soap woke up and got to his feet. "Almost thought we lose ya" Price said. "You can't kill that easily." Soap picked up his ACR, and walked over to the Colonel. "Good to see you up. Not everyone made it." Soap felt he was lucky to be alive, and he was. "Let's go," said Johnson, "the Russians are gonna come to investigate pretty soon."

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