In the Mist is a fictional storyline and video game created by JerryWiffleWaffle. It will also somewhat tie in with one of JerryWiffleWaffle's other storylines, Rebirth. The video game of In the Mist also shares the same name.


At the height of the third World War, the alliance between Russia and Iraq has started gaining the upper hand against the United Nations. Because of this, the United Nations started on covert operations using sniper teams to take out intenational leaders who are in charge of this alliance.

The United Nations created an organization, known as the International Sniper Team Oragnization (ISTO), to help assassinate the officials. The best snipers and sharpshooters from around the world were recruited instantly.

Missions (In the Video Game)

Main Characters

Sniper Team Two

  • Name: Lucas "Baron" Bronson
  • Age: 29
  • Nationality: American
  • DOB: 4/27/90
  • Rank: Captain
  • Affilation(s): U.S. Rangers (Formerly), ISTO
  • Weapon: M40A3
    • Attachments (Optional): Silencer, Thermal Scope, Extended Magazines, Ghillie Wrap, Camouflage
  • Role: Sniper, Radio Man, Medic (Required)
  • CIA File Bio: "Lucas Bronson had joined the U.S. military eager to learn. Of all fields, he flawed in long range, or sniping to be more precise. He had what many Rangers called a gift. He could hit a target from almost any range, and he was also a very reliable spotter for other snipers. When the ISTO was created, he was one of the first recruited, due to his astonishing sniping ability.


  • Name: Michael "Hawkeye" Steele
  • Age: 30
  • Nationality: American
  • DOB: 12/24/89
  • Rank: Captain
  • Affiliation(s): U.S. Marines, Task Force 315 (Formerly), ISTO
  • Weapon: M21
    • Attachments (Optional): Silencer, Thermal Scope, Extended Magazines, Ghillie Wrap, Camouflage
  • Role: Sniper, Spotter, Medic (Required)
  • CIA File Bio: "After being recruited into the Task Force 315, from the U.S. Marines, for great spotting and sniping skills, Michael Steele was considered one of the best sharpshooters in the world, with the ability to spot targets from almost any distance and snipe through the slightest crack. He was recruited into the ISTO after failing a mission in the Task Force to assassinate Russian prime minister Sasha Likov."

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