This is a real life inspired story about the events currently taking place in Libya, if you have a suggestion please tell me (, I can't tell if I'm signed in), but keep it real (no nukes or crazy $#@! like that).

Warning: This will contain profanity


Darnah, Libya, January 16 2011Edit

Protestors swarmed around the outside of the Darnah Real Estate Bank, shouting "!حقوقنا" or "Our rights". Broken glass from break-ins in the previous nights lined the streets, reflecting torchlight from the crowd in a bueatiful glossy pattern. Security guards with batons formed a line across the bank entrance, occasionally stopping a protestor that got brave. Speakers blared for people to return to their homes, announcing the new ten o'clock curfew. People did the opposite, however, pulling out phones and cameras to try and videotape the incidents, only to be trampled by the mob. The houing units for hundreds of new citizens had been yet again postponed, so they had decided to take it into theit own hands. Protests had been ongoing for three days all over the country. People had been beaten, policemen had stood by and done nothing, the Libyan people were convinced as ever that their government was corrupt.

Zentan, Libya, February 15 2011Edit

Slogans rang though the air as another crowd of protestors armed with petrol bombs marched to the police station. Arabic chants resonated with defiance; they approached the station and threw the lighted ptrol bombs at it. It immediatley went up in flames and security forces began to rush to the scene with riot weapons. The crowd retreated back to the city center and pitched tents. Panicking civilians rushed in every direction. The security forces arrived at the protestor's camp and fired tear gas into the cluster of tents. The less strong willed ones stumbled out of the tents and fled, only to be swiftly cuffed buy the policemen. They screamed insults and protests as they were dragged off. Some of the braver protestors began to throw rocks at the police, one caught an officer in the stomach. He grimaced and doubled over from the pain. Others began to move in on the camp to get any of the ones trying to harm them. The panic swept through hordes of civilians rushing to escape. Their home had been torn apart because of these protests, what was now escalating to civil war.

Chapter 1Edit

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