Chapter 1-Monday Morning Edit

It was an early May morning and the sleepy rural town of Visok Tvrđava was waking up. Outside one of the town’s kavanas a group of men were hanging out. One of them, Goran shouted out “Hey Boris it’s that pretty school teacher you like, Oliver play her a little tune” as Jelena walked past as Oliver played “If I Didn’t Care” on his accordion and the rest of the men bar Boris singing. Jelena went up to them and asked “What is this song you keep singing? Can you sing it to me in our language maybe?” and Oliver replied “If you can’t speak English then we surely can’t”. After a short pause Jelena called Boris’s name and he turned around to her. “What are you doing, I thought you had gone to work?” Jelena asked and Boris replied “But I am working!” which Jelena replied to laughing “Drinking whole bottles of wine and rakia with Oliver, Goran and Jovan does not count as work” “But I work here now, since the Hungarians destroyed my last place” Boris quickly replied.

Just a mile outside of the town Ezredes Pék of the Royal Hungarian Army was meeting with his top őrnagy. “Bíró have I informed you of the transfer?” asked Pék and Bíró replied “Átvitele?”. “Igen we are moving closer, to help our allies in combat against newly formed partisan movements in Serbia” explained Pék and Bíró nodded his head. “Egy másik dolog őrnagy I want you to go speak to the local fascists tonight, meet them in the Catholic church” said Pék as Bíró left the room.

“This has to be a joke, they’re renaming the town” said Franjo in a toned down anger “Magas Erőd, doesn’t even share anything but the name in another language” laughed Boža. “I suppose it could be worse” Franjo then said sitting down lighting a cigarette “It is worse, they’re teaching children only Hungarian and sticking portraits of the Regent in the school house” responded Boža.

Chapter 2-Gone to work Edit

“Darijo how did this happen again?” a local nurse Suzana asked Darijo who was one of the men outside the kavana that morning. “I twisted” Darijo replied and Suzana smiled and then told him he could leave. After Darijo left Franjo came in. “Dr Franjo how can I help?” Suzana asked “Could you please deliver this note to Boža, he’s waiting in a car on Main Street” answered Franjo. “Okay” responded Suzana with a smile. When walking down towards Boža’s car Suzana was confronted by two Hungarian soldiers. “Hol van az iskola?” one of them asked, the question seemed causal enough so she responded “Nem beszél Magyaru, Szerbül talán?” and the other solider then responded to her in Serbian “Where is the school?” and then she pointed them towards the school. “Köszönöm, hvala” the soldiers said as they and Suzana moved on. When she got to Boža’s car she gave him the note that Franjo had given her.

At the schoolhouse the two Hungarian soldiers walked in when Jelena was teaching. “Reggel” the soldiers greeted and she replied the same. “Azért vagyunk itt, hogy beszéljen az osztály kisasszony” one of the soldiers told her. Jelena shuck her head “Sorry, we are here to talk to the class” one of the soldiers responded to her then nodded her head. The soldiers were talking about the Hungarian occupation of the town and how it might be however incorporated into the Independent State of Croatia in the near future. Jelena looked out the window after she heard this. Jelena was a communist who stood strong for her beliefs and was extremely anti-fascist and being forced to live under the boot of Ustasha made things worse.

Boža was at the sawmill talking to Goran and showing him the note. “A resistance movement?” Goran said “Led by Josip Broz ‘Tito’, why?” responded Boža. “I’ve heard of other places throughout Croatia that have had their power shifted from the Hungarians to Ustasha or the Germans” Goran told him and then Boža told Goran to “show the note to all communists you know and not to let the Regent’s men get their lands on it”.

“Boris are those crepes almost done?” asked Zoran the kavana owner and Boris’s stepfather. “Yes Zoran they are DONE” replied Boris handing Zoran the plate. After a minute Zoran went up to Boris and asked him “Who’s the girl you’re hanging out with?” and Boris replied “She’s a school teacher from Dalmatia why do you ask as if it was your business?” and then Zoran asked “Is she related Goran?” and Zoran replied “She’s from Dubrovnik”. Zoran nodded his head and then turned to Boris “I’m your stepfather I should know who you are seeing” and Boris quickly responded “I’m an adult Zoran I can make my own choices and you have no say in my life anyway, not since mama died”.

That evening Bíró was meeting the Ustashas in the church discussing the likely handover of power in the area to the Ustashas. “Okay who’s the leader?” asked Bíró and a priest put his hand up. “Father…” Bíró said and the priest added “Vladimir” and he continued “If it’s anyone who hates Serbs it’s me, but Perun makes me look like one”. “I don’t care who hates Serbs more, I just want to know who the leader of Ustasha is” Bíró shouted “Watch it this is a house of God, it’s me for the moment but we plan on getting a man from Zagreb in, a Great War veteran by the name of Antić”. Bíró then said “Okay thanks for the info, I’d best be off sok szerencsét” and left the church.

Chapter 3-Removing the Occupier (1) Edit

“It seems from sources leaked from the Hungarian command that the bulk of the Hungarian army plan to move out of here to fight our comrades in Bosnia of course we want them gone end of story” said Franjo at the top of the partisan meeting room. Boža then said “The best and easiest way to do this is to kill Ezredes Pék…” “I wouldn’t be too quick on that partisan” shouted Pék at the back of the room. “Yes it appears that I am in fact on your side here doctor! You see we have a few things in common one for instant is our hatred for monarchs”. “Then what do you suggest Ezredes?” Franjo asked and Pék told him “I’ll fake my own death, Bíró is next in command and you’ll be doing the whole of Hungary a favour as well by killing that bead rattler” and then Boža replied “So you pretend to be killed then we kill Bíró one Sunday morning” which Pék just nodded to.

The next morning Jelena and Boža‘s wife Terezija were just outside the town next to a car. The car’s engine was broken and the two women were waiting for some “help”. This help would be the attention of Pék’s bodyguards. Péks limo drove up and his two body guards got out to help the two women. Pék got out as Boža, Goran and Darijo planted a bomb on the car. Goran then placed the body of a Hungarian officer in Péks seat to give the appearance that Pék was still in the car. The four men ran towards the town as the bomb exploded.

Chapter 4-Removing the Occupier (2) Edit

“Before you get to Bírío you’re going to need to take out another őrnagy named Kohalmi, he stays at that fancy hotel here” Pék said to Boža and Darijo. “You mean the Fort?” Darijo replied and Pék nodded. “What room?” Boža asked, Pék replied “Room 89, I think” and Boža then said “I already have an idea”.

A couple of hours later outside the Fort Boža and Darijo were waiting in Boža’s car. “You’re not going to fool anyone, since when have Hungarians had black hair?” Darijo said to Boža who was dressed in a Hungarian uniform. Boža grinned and left the car “Keep the car running” he said as he walked towards the hotel. He knocked on room 89 and waited for Kohalmi who answered the door. Boža punched him and kicked him through the balcony door and over the railing. He then ran back out to the car “Darijo drive” he shouted as he got into the car and started firing his pistol at the Hungarian soldiers who were shooting at the car. “I told you they would notice something was weird” Darijo said and Boža replied panting “It was because I kicked him out his own door”.

The next morning was Sunday and Goran, Jelena and Boris were preparing for the assassination on Bíró. “Jelena what’s going on?” asked Mišo, Jelena’s younger brother. “Nothing go out a play, it’s such a nice day” she replied to him. “Okay we go to the mass and I’ll take out this Smith and Wesson and shoot him, you Jelena cover me as we escape and Boris you wait in the car” said Goran “Nabavite raditi” Boris then added as the three left the house. On the drive to the church Goran asked Jelena “How many of you is there?” and Jelena answered “Three we have another brother, Stipe he’s fighting with the army in Bosnia”. “Your parents?” Goran asked “Our mother died after giving birth to Mišo our father joined Ustasha after the invasion and Stipe killed him, can’t say he deserved better” Jelena answered “That’s kind of low to say that?” Boris remarked and Jelena then told him “He was a drunken bigot”. “Okay here we are” Goran said parking the car. “Looks nice” Jelena said and Boris then told her “Looks can be decisive” as she and Goran entered the church. “I’m going to have to come up of a good reason why I was in here for Suzana if I don’t kill this bastard” Goran whispered to Jelena as they went to sit down. Goran kneeled down behind Bírío and as the worshipers stood up he drew his revolver and shot Bírío right in the back of the head. Both he and Jelena ran out of the church and into the car which drove off in seconds of them getting in.

In the next few days the Hungarian army left the down and they were being jeered by many of the townsfolk. Goran held his daughter on his back as he shouted “Cza” at the soldiers. But next thing everyone seen behind the Hungarians was Ustasha soldiers marching and in the limo in front of them was there leader, Antić”. “Who’s the idiot driving in the limo?” Oliver asked Boža “Their new boss”. “Hej Boža, you see the school teacher” Oliver then said and Boža replied “Yeah” “Both Boris and Darijo have an eye for her”.

Chapter 5-The Ustashas Edit

“My brothers of the Gothic struggle our time has come to liberate Visok Tvrđava and the whole of Croatia from the Slavic dog, brother Ustashas his Poglavnik Doctor Pavelić will save us from the Istrian Slav Tito. God will save Croatia and her Gothic people be they Catholic or Muslim. Za dom spremni!” Antić shouted from the church pulpit.

“Hej Oliver do you ever here the Ustashas go on about how my people, Croats are Goths?” ranted Goran who was against a wall smoking a cigarette “You’re Slavs the same as us Serbs” Oliver replied and then he continued “Hey Goran are you going to the Beli Konj tonight?” and Goran answered “Maybe depends if Boža or Darijo are going”. Oliver walked off and two Ustashas walked up to Goran “Mind telling me why you’re talking to him?” one of them asked and Goran replied “He’s been my friend since school why?” “Just wondering” the Ustasha said back. “Mind having a drink with us?” the Ustasha asked and Goran didn’t reply but went with them anyway. “My name is Vodnik Perun and this is…” and before the Ustasha could continue Goran said “Košar, everyone knows him he’s an addict that’s why he looks so old” and Košar then burst out and said “I swear I fought in the great war, I threw live grenades into Serbian and Russian trenches”. Goran laughed and then turned back to Perun “Look why did you bring me to your little clubhouse?” he asked and Perun then told him “We just need to ask you a few questions about your friend” but Goran just got up and left.

Later than evening at Zoran’s kavana Goran walked in and “Hej Zoran a shot of your own” and he then turned to Jelena and said Večer Jelena, you’re the last person I need to say this to, some goons with Ustasha came to me today and brought be to their pivnica. A local man named Košar was one of them and a Herzegovinian, I think anyway called Perun he was a Vodnik”. “Hej Zoran did you ever have a white horse?” asked Goran as he was handed his rakia then Jelena laughed “Perun? Who is he trying to impress, naming himself after the god of thunder?” and Boža who was talking to Darijo turned around and added “He was also the High God of Slavic mythology, calling himself that is very ironic since the idiots think Croats are the decedent of Goths”.

Half an hour later Goran was talking to Darijo and Boža when he noticed Boris walking out of the kitchen and towards Jelena. “Hej dečki does Oliver have his accordion with him?” Goran asked and Boža rolled his eyes. “Hej Oliver play a little song for our little teacher over there will you, here’s a Kuna now play” Goran said to Oliver. “Jedne divne tihe majske noci, ti si rekla da ces doci, na prvi randevu. Noc je, oko mene svud je tama, Jelena spava sama, i ne zna da sam tu. A ja pod palmom sjedim sam, a oci sklapa san i tuzan cekam davno sudjen dan. Oh Jelena, slatka mala Jelena, tebe cu cekat ja, dok svane dan. Oh Jelena, slatka mala Jelena, tebe cu cekat ja, dok svane dan” he sang as everyone laughed including Boža and Jelena who was covering her face. “Hej Goran get a life!” Boris shouted.

Another half hour passed and Goran and Darijo were playing poker while Boža went up to get more drinks. Five Ustashas including Perun and Košar came in. Down at the table were the poker was being played Goran shouted at Darijo “Hej, hej Shylock that not’s not your bet stop trying to rip me off!” and an Ustasha went over to join them. Košar grabbed Boža who instantly recognized him. “So Košar you decided to come back, remember when me and Goran gave you that well-deserved beating when we were ten? When Oliver broke your glasses? Go back to Zagreb you pervert” Boža said to him and he instantly backed off but drew his pistol and instantly pointed it at Boža who simply head butted him and disarmed him. Košar then ran to Perun who then got up and went over to the bar where Zoran confronted him “Hej vodnik you see that guy who just head butted your goon, he’s a communist, you see does two drunks were your other goon is playing poker, they’re partisans as well and you see the Serb playing the accordion and the two boys next to him, they’re communists also you see my step-son over there and the girl, communists and me well I’m a communist. Just to let you know vodnik this is only a small percentage of the partisans in town”. Then over in were the poker was being played the Ustasha went to draw his gun on Darijo but Goran punched him over the head. Perun then hit Zoran in the face and Jelena ran up and hit him over the back with her chair. A fight broke out between the three remaining Ustashas and the partisans except for Jelena who tended to Zoran whose face was slashed by Perun’s Srbosjek. Perun however managed to get up and stumbled to the door. The three others were in bad shape as well and one of them had to be dragged to the door. “They forgot one” Oliver said noticing the one who Goran had apparently killed. Boža then said “His uniform might come in handy”.

Chapter 6-Keys and Tunics Edit

The next day the partisans were planning on their next move towards liberating the town however Zoran’s actions the previous night were in question. “So tell me Zoran why did you tell the Ustasha about so many of us?” Franjo asked “Don’t worry doctor he only knows me off by heart unless Jelena cleared his memory completely” Zoran replied “Vrlo dobro” responded Franjo. “Boža what did you get from the uniform?” Franjo then asked and Boža told him “Utility keys, might come in handy after office hours at the military base, ID and a roster of night watches” after Goran laughed and said “Drinking on the job?” and Darijo added “Never mind drinking on the job, going for a drink” and to confirm this Boža grinned and nodded his head. Franjo then said “We need someone who is believable as in will make themselves out to seem like a fascist” and Goran shouted out “Hej Darijo why don’t you? You have that young and gullible look” then Darijo turned back and responded “Why don’t you, they all have moustaches as well”. Boža stood up and said “Goran shut up and Darijo did any of them last night have moustaches? We don’t really need anyone, just a man who can get a job done in time”. “I’ll go” Boris said standing up.

Later that evening Boža was giving Boris what he would need. “This red key is what I suspect is for the alarm, try and find the other one just in case and other thing your ID papers, your name is Kaplar Pavel Zupan until you get back. Remember you mission?” Boža told Boris who replied “Find the German laundry, steal the truck and bring it back here” Boža nodded and sent him on his way. Boris cycled up to the base and showed the sentry his papers. He found the truck and then went to look for its keys. “Papers” said an Ustasha officer who was just placed on duty at the garage. Boris showed him his papers “Hang on you’re here to pick up the German laundry, I need to check that” and as the officer went over to the phone Boris hit him over the head with his pistol. Boris then got into the truck and drove back to town.

“How many uniforms?” Boža asked and Boris shrugged his shoulders. When the backdoor was open only three uniforms were found “It’s if we’re going to need any more anyway” Boža remarked.

Chapter 7-The Depot Edit

Jelena was walking down the street when she was confronted by Perun, Košar and another Ustasha. “You were in Serb place last night?” Perun asked and Jelena smiled and said no “Then two nights ago?” Perun asked again and Jelena nodded knowing Perun wouldn’t have seen her. “Look vodnik I just got off for the summer so why don’t you go away” Jelena said to him who replied angrily “Listen schoolteacher I know you’re with that mongrel who works for Zoran you need a real…” but before he could continue Jelena punched him in the face and tried to run but Košar tripped her and the other Ustasha went to kick her in the face but missed. Perun grabbed her by the head and took out a knife “Listen you Dalmatian bitch you try that again then you and your mongrel boyfriend are going to be lying in pools of your own blood” then he kicked her in the stomach then left with his two compatriots. Jelena got up and went into Goran’s house which wasn’t that far away. “Suzana, Suzana!” she shouted before collapsing on the floor. She woke up in bed “You’re going to alright” Suzana said, Franjo was there as well “What happened?” he asked and Jelena told him. Goran then knocked on the bedroom door “I just heard what you said, fancy getting a bit of revenge?” Jelena smiled and said “Hoćete sam ikad”. Franjo then told her “You’re lucky you weren’t pregnant and you’re lucky there’s no internal bleeding if there was you’d be coughing up blood”. Goran then said to her “Tomorrow night we’re going to the fuel depot where that coward Perun is stationed. We’re going to blow the depot and kidnap Perun”.

It was about half nine and Goran, Jelena and Boža were sitting up on the side of a hill overlooking the depot. “How are you feeling?” Boža asked Jelena and she replied “Still a bit sore but I’m ready”. The three snuck into the depot. Goran started setting charges next to the fuel tanks and trucks. “One minute until all of them make a big explosion”. When they did the Ustashas started running out Boža fired his MP40 at them and Goran and Jelena grabbed Perun and slapped a potato bag over his head. The three partisans and their captive ran out of the burning depot.

Perun noticed he was in a room, Franjo and his three captors were there. “When is the next supply truck heading through here?” Boža asked and Perun replied “Go back to Ukraine Slav scum, Hrvatska za Hrvate”. Franjo then stood up and went towards the Ustasha “Isn’t it ironic that you say such a thing when we Croats are Slavs. The funniest thing about it all is how you named yourself after the Slavic high god. But let us talk business, when is the next supply truck coming by” Perun replied “Go to hell” and Goran punched him “We’re going to give you a couple of minutes to tell us, then we’ll let you go”. Perun remained quiet until Goran asked him about family. Perun replied “Da, a wife and five kids” “Five” repeated Boža in disbelief “You have five kids and you go about trying to take advantage of girls like Jelena here?” he continued. Perun then replied back “How many do you have?” and Boža told him “Me and Terezija have a son, Ivan” Perun then turned to Goran “I’ve got a daughter. What about you doctor?” and Franjo answered “I’ve got two sons and a daughter, my eldest is with the army in Bosnia and my daughter who’s the youngest lives in Ireland both of them have children of their own. My son has a son of his own and my daughter has a daughter of her own and a son. My other son is dead to me, he joined Ustasha and he’s also fighting in Bosnia I believe. Anyway vodnik are you ready to tell us?” Perun said the same thing as last time and Jelena took out a razor and cut off his right ear “That’s for what you did yesterday” she then went to cut him again but he started crying “It’s heading through tomorrow afternoon”

Chapter 8-The Ambush Edit

“Hej Jelena we should get back, it’s getting late” said Darijo. The two were on top of a hill and Jelena was taking photos. When the two were then driving back to Visok Tvrđava Darijo asked Jelena “Are the photos for your folks back in Dalmatia?” who then replied “Da I’ll have them copied and sent to my aunt and uncles back home, when did you get this car?” Darijo responded “Well the car is my brother-in-law’s” and he then changed the subject back to Dalmatia “Dalmatia is such a nice place, I’d like to go one day”. He drove on a little while longer and Jelena then smiled and said to him “I’d take you one day then” and he replied to her “What about Boris?” Jelena then said to him “What were we doing on that hill Darijo?”

Darijo parked the car next to a house and knocked on the door. “Zdravo Boža” he said after the door was opened. Boža led the two into the kitchen “Terezija is making sausages” and Darijo asked him “What kind” which Boža responded to “I don’t know if it’s the kind that grows on trees or the one that comes from the ground! It’s venison Darijo didn’t your own sister not tell you what she was cooking?” Terezija was placing the plates on the table “Zdravo Marko” Darijo said to his nephew who was sitting at the table. Marko’s face was in disbelief after seeing his teacher sit at the table. “Jelena what gives with the getup, you were wearing the same thing last night?” Boža asked and Jelena answered “I was taking photos up on a hill want to see? Where’s Goran?” Boža replied “Sure let me see and Goran’s on his way” and sure enough he knocked on the door. “Sorry I was at work” he said entering the kitchen “You went to work?” responded Darijo “Yes why? Oh you and Jelena I need to talk to you after, Boža i Terezija you can as well”. After dinner the five were still sitting at the table, Marko had went outside. Goran then told them “Now you know what Pék said that on Tuesdays it’s a German courier who passes through here, and from I learnt today from ‘one ear’ who I overheard talking to the pop that their truck heads through on Friday morning, yes the fascist lied to save himself”

On Friday morning Boža knocked on Jelena’s door “Hej Goran, Darijo the uniforms are out in the car. Jelena herself ran out to Boža “Please I’ll go, you’ve been through too much in the past few days” but Boža was more interested in his son’s half naked teacher than what she was saying and simply nodded. Boris then ran out and tried to persuade Jelena not to take Boža’s place but he couldn’t convince her. Goran, Darijo and Jelena then got into a Kubel and drove off to the ambush point as Boža drove home and Boris went back to bed.

At the ambush point the Goran, Darijo and Jelena were dressed as German soldiers. “Hey put this jacket on” Goran said to Jelena who simply understood the reason. The truck drove up to the partisans. “Guten Tag” Goran said to the driver who replied back. “Aufgrund der hohen Schmuggel in der Gegend von lokalen kommunistischen Freischärler müssen wir alle Papiere und Ladung zu überprüfen” Goran then said to the driver who showed him his id and transport papers “…und Verifizierungsdokumente?” Goran asked “Verifizierungsdokumente?” the Ustasha asked and Goran said to him “Ich habe bereits gesagt, warum”. The driver looked through all papers and then turned to Goran “Leider sergeant Ich kann nicht finden können, ich bin nicht einmal sicher, ob ich diese angegeben wurde” who then said “Dann müssen wir suchen Ihre Fracht, Hans” singling Jelena to open the back door of the truck. As she did she shot the two sentries inside and Goran shot the two men in the cab. However two Ustasha scouts for Antić seen them, despite Darijo killing both of them a motor patrol down the road heard them and sounded the alarm, also across the bridge was an armoured car.

Chapter 9-Brought into the open (1) Edit

Meanwhile back in Visok Tvrđava the Ustashas were mobilising and raiding buildings. Boža and Oliver drove up to the medical office “Inform Franjo what is happening out here and for God’s sake take your tank top off your head”. Oliver then ran into Franjo’s office. “Ah Oliver, chest pains again, look if you want to avoid TB get a different job other than a coal miner doesn’t Goran work at the…” Franjo said to him but he then said “I was just told by Boža to tell you that there is heavy Ustasha movement”. Franjo then looked out the window and turned to Oliver “I see what you mean and put your top on it might be 45° but enough is enough. Speaking of how hot it is how can they mobilise in this heat?” and Oliver replied “How to the British manage it in Africa, it always rains where they’re from?” Franjo just then told him “Look Oliver you and Boža mobilise every fighter in town and take down the southwest bridge, that’s where any reinforcements would have to come from”. Oliver then ran back out to Boža’s car and told him what Franjo had just said.

Up on a hill near the road Goran, Darijo and Jelena were holding off the Ustashas. “Why didn’t we steal the truck?” Darijo asked and Goran replied “Did you not see we were cornered?” Jelena was assembling a mortar they had found at the house behind them. “Goran!” Jelena shouted and he ran over and asked “Is it assembled?” and Jelena nodded “Dobra i samo o vrijeme” noticing the Ustashas had brought some of their own. “Jelena you take point and I’ll blow the fascist scum from their feat” Goran had said and Jelena ran over to the wall and started firing and the Ustashas. Perun as it turned out was the leader of the patrol and he ordered the mine throwers to fire. One hit close to Goran who wasn’t exactly badly injured but was unable to fire back. He got up and shouted “Jelena get on the mortar” as he stumbled into the house. Jelena started firing bombs at the Ustashas. However after a very short time a mortar being commanded by Košar hit just behind her. She stumbled towards Darijo before collapsing. Darijo seen her and ran over “Jelena wake up, wake up Jelena! Molimo probuditi se!” he then removed her tunic to see if that would make a difference and then held her hand to check her pulse. “Kurvini sinovi!” he shouted turning his head toward the Ustashas. He ran over to the mortar and started firing at random, one of the bombs directly hit Košar’s. Perun who was standing near was also hit but survived “Are you alright vodnik?” an Ustasha asked him and Perun just looked at him before shoving him away and stumbled towards the motorcycle he arrived in “Vodnik are you sure you’re…” the same Ustasha asked again before Perun shot him with his Luger before heading towards the town. Darijo was cursing the Ustashas as he fired on them with a MG-42 then he noticed there was some bombs left. He dragged the box over to the wall as he threw a bomb at the Ustasha armoured car “Have this you bastards” he shouted. The bomb exploded right on top of the car’s engine causing it to explode and Darijo started to fire the machine gun again. The Ustashas began to flee. Darijo turned around and sat down with his hands in his face as Goran went over to him “You’ve got a lot of luck” he said and Darijo replied “What does it matter, she’s gone” Goran looked over at Jelena’s body in disbelief.

Meanwhile down at the bridge Boža was with Boris and some other partisans as they lay charges on the bridge. A partisan who was on lookout shouted “Ustasha trucks incoming”. They hid as the trucks drew closer and the bridge was blown as all three trucks at touched the bridge. Boža noticed smoke from up on a hill and he, Boris and three others went up to investigate it. “Hej Boža” Goran shouted as soon as he noticed him. The bridge bombers went up the hill to meet with their comrades. Boris noticed Jelena lying still against the wall of the house. “Why did you let her go Boris, she didn’t have to go Boža said so himself, why Boris?” however Boris was in too much disbelief and went over to Jelena’s body, he started to cry as he put his hand against her face. “Darijo come on” Boža said as he went down the hill “But Jel…” Darijo responded “Wait” replied Boža. Boris took Jelena’s pistol and shot himself with it. Boža then told two of the three fighters who came with him and Boris to carry Jelena. “What about Boris?” Goran asked and Boža replied “What about him?”

Chapter 10-Brought into the open (2) Edit

Goran was in his bathroom shaving. When he came out Suzana said to him “So you shaved off the moustache?” Goran just nodded. Two Ustashas then knocked down the front door. Goran then took out a pistol and shot the two men dead. “Not a save house in Visok Tvrđava tonight, you might as well stay here” Goran said “What about the library?” Suzana asked and Goran nodded and said “Better yet, hej I’m going to find Oliver okay”.

Perun stumbled into the rectory of the church where Antić and Father Vladimir were planning the Ustasha movements. “The communists, the communists are going to kill us all” Perun said and Antić replied “Then kill them vodnik after you see a medic”. Vladimir then asked Antić “What if we can’t break the partisans?” whose answer was “Burn the town and kill everyone, leave no survivors be they partisan, elderly, woman or child”.

The Ustashas had already killed a hundred of townspeople through various methods including hanging and shooting. Pék was atop of the library ordering a group of partisans where to defend. Many of the townspeople were taking cover in the library itself. Goran who had escorted his wife and daughter there climbed onto the roof after hearing Oliver was there. “Zdravo Goran” Oliver greeted him. “Hej Oliver have you seen Boža or Darijo?” Goran asked and Oliver answered “Yeah they’re down with the doctor” “Come on lets go” responded Goran and the two went down to find Franjo’s position. “Hej Boža, Darijo are you coming?” Goran asked them when he seen them “To where?” Boža asked “To liberate our town” Goran answered. Boža shuck his head but followed him anyway with Darijo. “Hej doctor what are they doing?” Zoran asked Franjo who replied “I don’t know but I have a good feeling of what they’re going to do”.

The four split up into pairs to carry out separate tasks. Oliver was to hijack the tank as he was a tank commander with the Royal Yugoslav Army, Boža and Goran went out to capture the church and Darijo was to cover Oliver.

A number of the pilots were out near the tank, which was a combat Panzer. Oliver opened fire on them and went on top of the tank and fired in killing the Ustashas inside. When Darijo was heading down towards the tank he was confronted by a limp Perun. “Aren’t you that schoolteacher’s boyfriend or was that the mongrel?” Perun said to Darijo who responded “We finish this here Ustasha you and me” and Perun said back “Jedan na jedan fine”. The two stood opposite each other ready to grab their pistols. They were circling around waiting for the next explosion and when it did happen Darijo drew his and shot Perun before he had the chance. “Hej where you have you been?” asked Oliver who was wearing the pilot’s uniform and Darijo face palmed and replied “Just finishing to some business and what’s with the uniform?” The two then got into the Panzer.

Goran and Boža were at the church which was surrounded with Ustasha and the priest was planning to escape. The two decided to take two sides of the building. After a gun fight between the two partisans and the Ustashas they finally cornered Vladimir who Boža killed as he drew a pistol.

In the library Pék gave Suzana a note to give to Franjo. Pék had forgotten to tell her where Franjo was and she went to his office where she was grabbed by a man with a pistol.

Meanwhile Oliver and Darijo were leading the charge on the town hall where Antić would be. The tank’s cannon was fired at the front door and the partisans stormed into the building. Boža and Goran knocked down the door to Antić’s officer however he wasn’t to be seen.

Back on the streets Franjo was heading to his office where he confronted Antić who was holding Suzana. “Don’t move you red scoundrel or I’ll kill her” Antić shouted at the doctor sticking his gun to Suzana’s ear. “No you don’t” responded Franjo who shot Antić right in the face “Never thought I was this good did you Suzana?” he then said to his nurse. "He was lucky to get quick and painless" Suzana then said kicking the body.

Chapter 11-Liberated Edit

The whole town was celebrating the defeat of the Ustashas except for Darijo who was deeply saddened over Jelena’s death. A photographer took a photo though of him, Oliver, Boža and Goran with the captured Ustasha flag but after he went away to mourn. After everyone had left the town hall Pék went into the hall and seen an Ustasha flag with the world “glUpani” on it and then said to himself “Ez vicces, mert igaz” and then went off to ask who write it.

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