its come




jumping on


SGT jisuri


JSOC/US president security team


KRA RTA ( helicopters )


near beach seoul south korea


feb 1 2039 ( 3 hours before upotte and nowhere )


you started where you in the room of president lincoln jr walk to the conference room and the attack is started kill the KRA member secure the president go to the lobby defend the place until JSOC reinforcement team is here then kill members of KRA get the launcher destroy the RTA helicopters and secure the vice president find the exit way go to the exit find the c4 go the beach defend the place for 4 minutes and go to the jeep drive escape and chinook and the president is secure 

characters Edit

SGT jisuri

SGT phelps

captain emmerick 


.secure the lobby

.defend the entrance 

.destroy RTA helicopters (2x)

.secure the vice president 

.defend the positions 

weapons Edit



trivia Edit

.the hotel name is " hotel seoul "

.the beach has many m1 abrams tank and destroyed black hawk hellicopter

.the one billboard says " the CNN nobel prize will affect terrorist revolution "

.the models of KRA are rare like

.all of models are from TF141 but with glasses 

.some models of K-ON characters are wearing helmet and balaclava 

.all of models of KRA are north korean army 

. the models of US presidential security group are from MW3 

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