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Jack Landon working with the U.S. Army

Jack Landon


Jack Landon


March 19th, 1925



Born in Bishop Hills, Texas, Jack Landon is a CIA-SAD officer operating during the Cold War.

Early Career

Jack Landon entered service with the CIA in early 1951 as a Korean War intelligence analyst, a position which exposed him to the emerging tactics of "Black Operations" , he continued to monitor and report on nearly all covert military operations from his office in Langley, until the CIA decided he had learned enough of their tactics, and assigned him to teach what he already knew to anti-communist nations as a field agent, a position which (according to some) he enjoys a bit too much.

Vietnam and the Cold War

As the 60's went by and the Cold War escalated, Jack was eventually paired up with fellow CIA agent George Wilson, with whom he operated for much of the unofficial "Federov Incident" in 1964. Among other operations, Landon has participated in The Bay of PIgs, at least 14 assassinations and sabotages, and Project MKULTRA.


Landon speaks with a thick southern accent, and has a reputation for sometimes going overboard in his missions, causing massive amounts of collateral damage for the sake of "being thorough". He is known as being friendly and humorous among CIA colleagues, but can easily turn in to a calculating killer if provoked.

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