Jack Price
BeFunky Cpt Price Wine 1
Captain Price, 1942
Nickname(s) Jackpot
Rank Lieutenant (1932)

Captain (1942)

Affiliations British Army, British S.A.S.
Status Deceased
Birth October 6, 1902
Death October 27, 1944 (aged 42)
Weapon Lee Enfield, Bren LMG, MP-40, Lugar

Jack Price was a British soldier and later S.A.S. commanding operator. Unlike his father, Jack Price did not live to see the end of World War II; however, his son, William Price, was able to share his father's legacy to his son, John Price, by gathering info from British World War II veterans John Davis, and Leonard Evans, both, of whom, had served under Captain Jack Price.


Early LifeEdit

Jack Price was born in Nottingham, United Kingdom on October 6, 1902. During Jack's childhood, Europe was on the brink of war; and, as a result, millions of civilians of the U.K were conscripted, his father as well. Jack and his family prayed for his father's saftey; however, in 1917, three years into the war, Jack's mother got word that his father was hospitalized due to a chemical called mustard gas. Thankfully, Jack's father recovered. Sadly, the war was over for him; the mustard gas had caused him to be partially blind. For three years, Jack assisted his father in any way that he could. On October 6, 1920, Jack Price enlisted in the British Army; and, in the Summer of 1932, Price achieved the rank of First Lieutenant.

World War IIEdit

A new WarEdit

On the afternoon of September 3rd, 1939, Lt. Price turned on the family radio only to hear King George III announce that the United Kingdom was going to war with Germany.

Diversionary RaidEdit
Desert ChargeEdit
Retaking El DabaEdit

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