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Jack D. Trent


July 11th, 1982, Chicago, Illinois




6 feet 1 inch

Blood Type:



181 pounds


Master Sergeant, Promoted to Lieutenant in June 2012


Remington ACR, M4A1 Carbine, Mk.23 Mod.0


Alive, married with children, retired as of 2028

Lieutenant Jack Dwayne Trent is a former Delta Force operator and a USMC Force Recon member who served for a period of 3 months in Ganjgal Valley and was sent to fight in North Korea to prevent a full scale war. Born in Chicago in 1982. He was commander of 1st SFOD-D team and USMC Force Recon team Phoenix 1-3, in which he forged long-lasting relationships with his fellow squadmates.


Early Life

He was born to a family of condecorated war heroes from Midwestern United States, almost all of his relatives reached the officer ranks, the youngest, being his dad Bryan Trent reached the rank of Lieutenant General when he was 30. In Chicago, he attended high school and lived in an urban environment, unlike his fellow squadmate The Canadian.

Military Career

In 2009 he joined the US Marines to fight in Afghanistan, where he served for a period of three months before Gen. Jason Huntington transferred him to Delta Force and earned a badge for his service.

Battle of Ganjgal Valley

In September 2009 he was deployed in Ganjgal Valley, he and his platoon were pinned down by a group of Taliban, Trent was the one responsible for saving his squad by capturing a crate of PG-7V rockets and lighting it on fire right where the Taliban defensive line was. A few days later he received a promotion to Corporal and was granted charge over a small fireteam that also fought in Ganjgal. In October his fireteam accidentally crossed the border with Pakistan and were found in a long gunfight at midnight with the Pakistani Army, fortunately, none of Trent's fellow soldiers died and the Pakistani thought the fight was with a rebel group from Afghanistan.



  • Jack has a Desert Eagle with a golden plating. He got this gun as a trophy for his service in Delta Force.
  • Apparently, Jack has a twin named Joseph and a sister named Meg, as he is seen chatting with them through Skype during the early days of Dawn of Mayhem.
  • It is said that Jack has the ability to glow in darkness, this is proven true by Ryan when Jack gets separated from the squad and he uses his power to find his way back.
  • Jack has an FN FAL he took from an OpFor officer.
  • Trent is a huge fan of Call of Duty and the Danger Close series of games.

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