Lieutenant Jack Wellington was a British SAS Officer during the Cold War era. Jack Wellington was the XO of his team and a specialist in comms, as well as tech. He can speak English, French, German and Russian fluently and can speak Czech and Spanish well enough to start a conversation. His main weapons usually consist of an Enfield, a CZ75 and a Combat Knife. Jack's team is known for their relations with other countries, however, Jack prefers to work with Germans and Canadians.


  • His voice is the same as Dr. Daniel Clarke.
  • Jack despises the MAC 11 and AK-74U SMGs.
  • Jack calls his Enfield "Gungnir", Norse for "Swaying One" or the god Odin's highly accurate spear.
  • He prefers Flashbangs over Smoke grenades.
  • Jack prefers to use Semtex as a triggered explosive and uses C4 as a timed sticky grenade.

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