Master Chief Petty Officer Jared Bowie, callsign "Ace", is a US Navy Seal and member of Seal Team 6. He is military service since 2001. He fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Jared "Ace" Bowie
Ace's dossier picture


Jared Michael Bowie




U.S. Navy Seals (Transferred in 2009) Seal Team Six




25 december 1984, 25/12/84 (Age 36)

Place of Birth

El Paso, Texas, USA




Master Chief Petty Officer




HK416, M21 EBR, M4A1, Desert Eagle


Jared Bowie was born in El Paso, Texas on the 25th of December, 1984. He lived in El Paso until he joined the US Navy Seals. His father was a police officer in El Paso. But when Jared was 11, he was killed during a firefight with bankrobbers. Jared's mother died of cancer when he was 13, leaving him alone. He lived on the street for a while and became a criminal. When he was 15, he joined a local gang. He developed there his experience with guns. He realized that he was doing it wrong. He betrayed his fellow gang members and told the police about their hideout. The members where arrested and Jared wanted to join the army, to help people.

Service in Afghanistan and IraqEdit

At the age of 18 he joined the US Navy Seals in 2001, but he was send to Iraq in 2003 during the invasion. He was part of Zulu squad and the team assault leader. He received his callsign: Ace, because he always was the enemy one step ahead. He learned this in his time in the gang. 

Transfer to Seal Team SixEdit

On the 30th of October, 2009, was he recruited for Seal Team Six. He was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer and became field leader of his squad. He took part in several missions, but his most important mission was on the 2nd of May.

To be continued...

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