Martinez in Guadalajara

Name Jeffrey Jorge Martinez


Anvil 3-1 Charlie

Birth 16/7/1978 (Age 36)
Rank Sergeant First Class
Status Deceased
Weapons M16A4, MP5, Desert Eagle, RPG

He appears in the missions: This we'll defend, Operation: Breakpoint, Silence is Golden, Nothing to Fear, Queen takes Rook, Now or Never and Ashes to Ashes.

Sergeant First Class Jeffrey Martinez is a marine part of Anvil 3-1

Early LifeEdit

Jeffrey Martinez is originaly a mexican but at the age of 6 he immigrated to the Unitd States. He fluently speaks spanish and he knows the culture very welll. Martinez is after captain Shaw leader of Anvil 3-1 since the other leader, only known as Anvil 3-1 Bravo, died during the battle of Los Angeles. He is always carrying a M16A4 without attachments, but only in Silence is Golden, he carries a MP5 silenced. He is a very good tactician and because the marines know about his knowledge of the mexican cities, Anvil 3-1 is used for the most important engagements in Mexico.


After the meeting with the GRU agents, Martinez and Cahill are the only survivors. They tell the leaders about Gosherov's plot. They want to call the DefCon in, but Martinez says if they do that, they are to late to stop him. Only Martinez and Cahill are going after him when the police evacuate the civilians. Under Times Square, Cahill is flashed y a flashbang and Gosherov shoots at Cahill. Martinez jumps in front of Cahill and shoots twice at Gosherov. Martinez is badly hurt and tells Cahill to go on. After Gosherov is killed, cahiil sees an ambulence with a with blanket.  Under the blanket is Martinez, who died of his injuries.

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