"You know what? Never mind. Instead of shoving this rock down your throat, I'm gonna gouge your eyes out with it... And then shove the thing down your little Vietcong throat! Screw you 'ya damn Commie!"
―Finch, interrogating a Vietcong officer in Vietnam.

Joel Finch
Nickname(s) Bluebird
Rank *As of 1968-Captain
  • As of 2016-Sergeant Major

Refused multiple promotions so he could serve on frontlines, despite his age.

Affiliations U.S. Army, 67th "Reapers"
Status Alive; Active
Birth 4/12/48
Death N/A

Joel Finch, known better by his callsign, "Bluebird", was an operator, and former CO, of the 67th Infiltration Division.

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