Private John Miller is a rifleman in Epsilon Squadron in the FanFiction Death, One Step Closer by MotionlessInWhite.


Early LifeEdit

John Miller was born into a military family, as his father and grandfather and so on, were in some sort of war. Like his older brother, John was determined in joining the military, becoming a prestigious officer, and carrying the family tradition. After high school, he immediately enrolled into the military, happy that he and his brother would probably serve side by side.

In the U.S. ArmyEdit

John had proved to be a strong and reliable soldier, but was not at the top of his regiment. His brother, who had entered the military earlier than he, was actually their military instructor, as he was wounded earlier in an ambush. To John's demise, he never really saw any action in his early years in the military. Only until he found out about the NATO squad program, he saw real battle.

Epsilon SquadronEdit

John Miller signed on with Epsilon Squadron, eager to meet the soldiers. The other higher ranked soldiers had liked his determination and energy, which assisted his overall standing. This helped build that brother bond between all of them and made them stronger together on the battlefield.

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