Jonathan Jacowicz Ulan
Date of Birth


Date of Death





5' 11"


191 Pounds

Blood Type

O -




M1A2 Abrams MBT


United States Marine Corps



Born in the United Republic Of North America to Polish immigrants, Jonathan Ulan came from a long line of tankers, one of which had fought at Hill 262 during the Normandy Breakout Campaign. When the United States Rebels instigated a war against the United Nations Space Command, Ulan joined the U.S. Marine Corps, and was assigned to the 1st Marine Division as a tank gunner.

Taking part in the Battle Of Philadelphia, Ulan racked up an unprecedented twenty seven UNSC Scorpion tanks destroyed by his gunnery skills. Promoted to Sergeant, he became the tank commander, and took part in many more battles throughout The Second American Revolution, gaining a 1.75 Million Credit bounty on his head. The simple sight of his battle weathered tank, with the Polish flag flying next to the American Flag on the turret, was a godsend to American troops, and the UNSC had to fight the urge to retreat.

During the final Battle Of Washington D.C., the last battle of the Revolution, Ulan and his crew destroyed fifty UNSC Scorpion tanks assaulting the city, before they were forced to abandon their tank and fight on foot. Using armaments scavenged up from fallen troops, the crew set up positions in an old convenience store, and held that position for the duration of the battle, a full week of fighting.

By the final day, all of Ulan's crew was dead, and he was forced to face down a platoon of UNSC Marines alone. Driving them back, at the end of the battle, Ulan was awarded the Medal Of Honor at the trashed White House.


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