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Jorge Torrado Martínez


December 15th, 1985




5 feet 9 inches

Blood Type



170 pounds


Corporal (early 2012), First Sergeant(Late 2012), Second Lieutenant (2016)


USMC, Delta Force, 48th CO&R Brigade


M4A1, R870, M1014, Beretta M9



Corporal Jorge Torrado Martínez is a former Delta operator and a US Marine of Mexican descent, Torrado is well known for his contribution to the 2012 North Korean Crisis. Born in Tula, Hidalgo, Jorge moved to California where he joined the US Army and was chosen to serve in Delta due to his skills in combat. Torrado served in Phoenix team and was transferred alongside his team to the USMC Force Recon.


Early Life

Born and raised by a low income family in Mexico in 1985 shortly before an earthquake devastated much of South-Central Mexico. His dad was a construction worker and his mom was a waitress. In 1999 he emigrated to Los Angeles, California and in 2008 he joined the US Army.

Military Service

In November 2008 he enlisted in the US Army a few months after his parents divorced.


Jorge was immediately deployed in Somalia, he first saw action in 2009 fighting a radical militia group in Northeastern Somalia. His platoon was taken POW and were tortured by the militiamen before they were liberated by the US Army. After this event Jorge decided to keep on fighting, his platoon was tasked with liberating a child soldier training camp, because of his actions he was promoted to Private First Class and his CO recommended him to be transferred to Delta Force.

Delta Force service

Marine Service


After his retirement he rented an apartment in New Mexico and became a writer and artist. After the war, he was decorated with a Medal of Honor.


  • Jorge speaks with a heavy Spanish accent but he knows enough Arabic to translate into Spanish or English.
  • Jorge's full name is Jorge Ernesto de la Concepción Juan Hermenegildo Mariano Torrado Martínez.
  • Torrado keeps an AK-47 he found from a dead North Korean soldier in Japan under his backpack.
  • He favours the M4 Carbine over other US standard weapons.
  • He has a tattoo in his left arm with the words "La Raza" and an Aztec warrior.

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