Joyride Strike is the second misson in the fictional video game series called In the Mist created by JerryWiffleWaffle.

Level BriefingEdit

"Joyride Strike"

Captain Lucus "Baron" Bronson

Kiruk, Iraq

Day 1 - 09:15:21


As one of the first real missions, Baron and Hawkeye, also known as Sniper Team Two, must stop a convoy going to Iraq's capital, Baghdad. This convoy contains an arms dealer, known as Leo Bardi, an Italian arms dealer supplying a lot of Iraq's forces. Baron and Hawkeye are camping on a cliff, overlooking the road below where the convoy is supposed to appear.

The player must listen to Hawkeye about where the convoy's current position is, and when they are coming. Despite Hawkeye calling out where the convoy is, he will assist in sniping the target's bodyguards.

Once the convoy comes into sight, a limo will be seen, with an army truck in front and in back. The player must take out Leo Bardi and then eliminate all threats before reporting back to Reaper.


  1. Climb to the edge of the cliff overlooking the road.
  2. Check in with Hawkeye.
  3. Listen for further orders from Reaper.
  4. Watch the road.
  5. Take out Leo Bardi.
  6. Eliminate all other threats.
  7. Report back to Reaper for further orders.

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