Just Another Day


Call of Duty: The Western Conflict


John Parker

Starting Weapons


Enemy Weapons

AN-94, AK-74m, PKP Pecheneg, Saiga 12k, SV-98, RPG-7, MP-443 Grach

Multiplayer Map



  • Reach the extraction point
  • Pop flares
  • Survive.......
Just Another Day is the eight and final campaign mission of Call of Duty: The Western Conflict. It takes place in a destroyed unnamed city in which the players squad is killed.

Loading CutsceneEdit

There is no cutscene, just a black screen


The level begins and the player must lead their squad to the LZ to be extracted. Once they arrive at the LZ without resistance they pop green smoke to mark their location. A Blackhawk arrives and is about to pick the player and their squad up when it is struck by a 125mm round by a T-90. The player must destroy the tank and try to survive for as long as possible. Eventually the player will die and a cutscene will begin. In the cutscene the player is seen from third person, revealing John Parkers appearence. They take cover and poke their head out, they are shot in the head by a sniper with an SV-98. The camera then changes to the other friendlies and they are slowly killed as well by the same sniper. The camera zooms in on the sniper who removes the hood on his ghille suit to reveal that he is Asian, he also has a Chinese flag on his arm. The scene changes to a world map in which Chinese forces can be seen attacking US islands.

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