The KRISS Vector, previously known as the TDI Vector and also known as the KRISS Super V, is a submachine gun that appears in multiple fanon works.

Danger Close: Art of War

TDI Kriss Super Vector


Magazine Size

32 rounds

Starting Ammunition

192 rounds

Maximum Ammunition


Reload Time

3.2 seconds

Rate of Fire

800 rounds per minute


30-20 meters


Very Low

Fire Mode


Used by


"Ultramodern submachine gun of American origin, the TDI Kriss was first designed in 2006, it uses a unique design that reduces the recoil of the weapon. It is expected that the Kriss will be approved for service on the US military within a few years"
―In-game description


The TDI Kriss is first introduced in Acta Non Verba used by allies, it can be picked up from dead allies or traded for the player's current weapon. In Iron Demon it is used by the tank crew of the player, the player's current weapon can be traded with the NPCs for the TDI Vector.


In Multiplayer it is unlocked on level 3 along with the Submachine gun class. The TDI Kriss has a high fire rate, considerably higher than other submachine guns and has virtually no recoil, plus it is considerably more powerful than other submachine guns but ammo runs out quickly and its iron sights are arguably the worst in the submachine gun class, it also has a longer reload time compared to other submachine guns (2.6 seconds for the MP5 and 3.1 seconds for the QCW-05). 

Everwar: Black Widow

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