Ka-57 'Hunter'

Used By

Russian Ground Forces, Spetsgruppa A, VDV, Russian Navy, Russian Air Force


Assault/Reconnaissance Helicopter


S-8 Rockets, Dual Miniguns, 2A72 Chin Gun, Ataka-V ATGMs


Assault, Patrols, Defense, Security, Armed Reconnaissance, Escort

The Ka-57 (NATO Reporting Name: Hunter) is an Attack/Reconnaissance helicopter utilized by the Russian Military. When the Mi-28 Attack Helicopter was beginning to be considered obsolete, they were bought by Kamov and upgraded into Ka-57 Reapers. The most notable change included the removal of the tail rotor and replacing the regular rotor with coaxial rotors, as well as replacing the current tail boom with a dual-rudder configuration, similar to that on the A-10 Thunderbolt. The Ka-57 is best suited for Assault roles, though it is also used for Patrols, Scouting missions, Armed Reconnaissance missions, Defense/Security, Deep Strike missions, and escorting Mi-45 'Halifax' Heavylift/Utility helicopters. The Ka-57 is armed with twin miniguns, S-8 rockets, Ataka-V missiles, and a 2A72 Nose cannon. Variants of the Ka-57 are the Ka-57S, which trades the Ataka-V missiles and the miniguns for higher speed and maneuverability, and the Ka-57N, which gives pilots a specialized HUD that has the ability to toggle night vision, as well as a searchlight and infrared laser added to the sides of the 2A72's ball mount. The Ka-57 and all variants are a valuable asset on any battlefield and is feared throughout the world.

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