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Dmitri "Kestrel" Reznov
Kamarov MW3 Model

Date of Birth

1/30/1994 Moscow, Russia


AKS-74u w/Red Dot Sight, Makarov w/ Tactical Knife and Suppressor(Later Suppressor and Upgraded Iron sights),MP-443 Grach, M40A5 w/ Variable Zoom scope


Spetsnaz(Loyalists), Task Force 141, Alpha Team


Sergeant(2012-2016), Major(2016-2022, General(2022)




Second in Command and Demolition expert.


War on Terror, Second Russian Civil War, World War III, Silencer War



General Dmitri "Kestrel" Reznov was the second in command of Task Force 141's Alpha team during the Second Russian Civil War, World War III, and the Silencer War.


Early lifeEdit

Most of Kestrel's childhood was spent in the Siberian Wilderness with his father and younger sister, Irena, training to become one of the best Spetsnaz operatives in history.

Early career with Spetsnaz and joining the LoyalistsEdit

Much of Kestrel's early career with Spetsnaz is classified, except that he served during the Second Russian Civil War along side the Loyalists leader, Kamarov.

Teaming up with WarwolfEdit

After a year into the Second Russian Civil War, Kestrel was aproached by Lieutenant General Shepherd of the US Army. Shepherd wanted to recruit Kestrel for a two man team, lead by MARSOC operative Warwolf. Kestrel knew of Warwolf's reputation as a resourceful soldier agreed to join the team.

Second in CommandEdit

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