Konstantin N. Rozhdestvenski Константин Н. Рождествэнский
Date of Birth

January 18th, 1988

Date of Death





6 feet 3 inches


250 pounds


Russian (Slavic)

Blood Type







Mládshy Serzhánt


AK-103, Makarov PMM, TAR-21, PP-2000, RPG-7


GP-5 Gas Mask, 6B-43 Vest


Second Chechen War, Russo-American War


Russian VDV


Konstantin Rozhdestvenski is a Russian VDV soldier who serves in VDV team Svet 5-6, he saw action as a Loyalist in the Second Russian Civil War but was dragged to the Ultranationalist Army after the Ultranationalist Victory.


Early Life

Konstantin, or Kostya, as he preferred to be called, was born in Leningrad in January 18th, 1988 to a family of military officers, his dad being a Spetsnaz officer and his mom being a Red Army nurse. He was raised in downtown Leningrad and lived an urban lifestyle.

Military Service

Rozhdestvenski joined the Russian Army when he was 18 and immediately got shipped to Chechnya where he fought before he applied to join the VDV. During his first weeks in VDV training, he met Vladimir Makarov, the soon to be leader of the Ultranationalists. Kostya was in a separate unit among the same company Makarov was in, and both served in a lot of missions. Kostya regarded Makarov as one of the most brutal and abusive soldiers in the Russian Airborne Troops and was among the ones to witness his attacks in Baku in 2009.

Loyalist Service

Rozhdestvenski served shortly in the Russian VDV against the Ultranationalists. He served in the Caucasus. In an unconfirmed report, it was said he personally met Skyler Zywicz. During the Civil War he was commanded by Sgt. Kamarov. His first mission was to save a rural village in Southwestern Russia from an Ultranationalist rocket barrage, Kostya and his team were deployed into the rural town and were able to stop the Ultranationalists from launching their attack.

After the President heard about his skills, he recommended him to join the Spetsnaz where he could exploit his skills. His whole unit was transferred with him and were tasked with the investigation of a warehouse thought to be worthy of intel for the Russians. His unit was the first to respond and took the warehouse within minutes. His unit

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