Corporal Kyle Marsh is the sniper of Epsilon Squadron in the FanFiction Death, One Step Closer by MotionlessInWhite.


Early LifeEdit

Kyle Marsh was always into hunting and anything that really had to do with throwing or shooting something. He went hunting with his father and older brother often, and liked using the crossbow for long range kills. He also had exceptional skills with a bow and arrow, as well as throwing objects. After high school, Kyle Marsh was unsure of what to do, but was talked into joining the U.S. Army, as they could have used a marksman like him.

In the U.S. ArmyEdit

Despite not being the best in his regiment, Kyle exceeded all marksman expectations by far, and was renowned as the best F.N.G sniper, and one of the best snipers over all. This lead to him becoming a corporal in the U.S. Army.

Epsilon SquadronEdit

Unlike most guys, Marsh was accepted already into the NATO squad program, and chose Epsilon Squadron, as the men already in there he knew of more than anyone else. Fearing they wouldn't be like him, he actually felt comfortable around them and actually performed better when assisting or around them. This helped in forming the brother bond that all of them have now.

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