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Kyle Hal Nelson
Date of Birth

March 11th, 1994 Des Moines, Iowa

Date of Death





5 feet 8 inches


159 pounds

Blood Type



Career soldier, carpenter

Marital Status

Married Magdalene Hansen in 2019




Private First Class




M16A4 w/ Aimpoint M3, Beretta M92FS


MCCUU, M50 Gas Mask, Combat Gloves, Combat Goggles


USMC 13th MEU, Squas Apache


Pvt. Kyle Nelson is a US Marine that serves in the USMC 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit during World War IV in the legendary unit Apache squad. Kyle fought in the North African and the Middle Eastern Front of the Fourth World War.


Early Life

Kyle was born to a family of tobacco distributors from Iowa, during his childhood, he was surrounded with the rural life and spent most of his time in the outdoors either collecting insects or fish, or skeet shooting with the family's shotgun, a double-barreled Beretta 682.

Military Career

In late 2012, he enlisted in the Marines in order to get some money to pay the medical treatment of his father, who suffered of osteoporosis, his parents were really encouraging and sent along with him a souvenir from his hometown.

War in Afghanistan

During the last months of the year, he was deployed in Afghanistan and served two tours in Ganjgal Valley, Northeastern Afghanistan. In Ganjgal he and his platoon served for a long period of time before the President announced the formal withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan in 2014. Upon his return, his dad's condition declined but he and his family were able to afford the medicines and moved to Florida to receive proper treatment.

World War IV


  • Kyle's middle name is Harvard, but he prefers to be called Hal instead of Harvard.
  • He is often regarded as cowardly and hesitant by his squadmates.

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