leave me equestria ( b​eta ) this game was created by treyarch and infinity ward and developer was EA this game recreate some normal since past call of duty game this game was in beta which is available to only 3 mission and 1 multiplayer map the release date for this game was june 8 2013?


the war is started because of ponyville blockade since 1923 the pony brigades was formed during 1924 hostage crisis?

in ww2 pony brigades serve as an allies in mission in sicily,tokyo,berlin,and baghdad all mission was failed ? except baghdad

baghdad mission sgt john pony was rescued an jewish scientist in north baghdad ? in 1980 pony brigades was ? again

lauched a mission for iran-iraq war one was for clearing for village and capture john menendez in 2012 the evidence?

again when east equestria army launches it army to some cities but 2029 the mission has never finished.........

weapons Edit

the weapons of LME

assault rifle? Edit

  • g3
  • scar-l
  • m1 garand
  • ak47
  • scar-h
  • hk416
  • m16a4
  • m4a1
  • ak104
  • MTAR
  • colt commando
  • fn fal

assault weapon is using by enemy in the mission its versitile damage for all of enemies


its second used by the enemies it has low damage and high rate of fire

  • uzi
  • thompson
  • mp5
  • skorpion
  • p90
  • ak74u
  • mp7
  • tmp
  • mp40
  • sten


  • ksg
  • spas 12
  • remington 870
  • saiga 12
  • aa 12
  • rap 68


  • colt 1911
  • makarov
  • browning hp
  • beretta 9mm
  • desert eagle
  • glock 17

machine gunEdit

sniper rifleEdit

  • psg1
  • SVD
  • l115a3
  • barret 50


  • rpg
  • smaw
  • stinger

pre order packageEdit

the package weapons and maps if you pre order it you have 


M2 benelli


two weapons ( FAMAS29 and ak75u )







there are only three missions and one special missions


starting point

Cargo forest

Tokyo run

Forest trouble

special mission 

Prison trouble


friendly groups


west equestrian army

british army


and more

enemy groups

east equestrian army

cordis die ( left members )

and more

vehicles Edit

  • T-72 ( used by iraqi army )
  • T-90 ( used by equestrian army )
  • JGL-50 ( used by mercs and equestrian army )
  • stryker ( used by US army )
  • UAV reaper ( used by equestrian army seen they attacking cities )
  • technical ( used by other groups like PNG etc )

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