The SILO files are noted for their audacious, megalomaniac villians and their henchmen. From militaries like Supersoldier's General Fishar to highly sucessful chairmen like The Locket's Cildan, the villians have been a prime reason for the series continued success.

Main VilliansEdit

Lieutenant General ShepherdEdit

Lieutenant General Shepherd


US Military/Shadow Company

Story appeared



Restore the USS Iowa as his personal mobile command center


SILO's corporate jet fires a missle at the Iowa, disabling its anti-air batteries and unintentionally breaking the ship's engines


Case never solved, Shepherd would later be killed by Captain John "Soap" MacTavish during World War III

The leader of the shady American unit known as Shadow Company. General Shepherd appears as the main antagonist of Battleship. In the story, his men manage to sabotage the Suisin shipyard cameras long enough to move the USS Iowa and replaces it with the USS New Jersey. He encounters SILO at the Red Sea where he deems them as hostiles and sends a team to exterminate them. He then shells the warehouses SILO infiltrated in an attempt to kill them.

Unknown to Shepherd, SILO's corporate jet, which evaded two missiles from the Iowa had attacked the battleship to cover the ground team while they killed the hostiles. After damaging the engines, Shepherd sent another missile at the jet, which was diverted, but the jet couldn't be risked being in a hotspot. SILO called for extraction, but the JetRanger was damaged, forcing the SILO team to jump helicopters in a daring move to escape. Shepherd chose not to pursue them.

Jay SeversonEdit

Senator SlaidEdit

The Cildan familyEdit

The Cildan family

No Title

No information

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