Call of Duty: 1945


Four unnamed factory workers


September 29, 1945

Lockdown is the first zombies map in Call of Duty: 1945. It is in a massive factory on lockdown due to the zombie invasion. It is filled with weapons and accomadates all types of gameplay, camping, run n gun, etc.. It also has long range combat and CQB.

Spawn RoomEdit

The game begins in the factories cafeteria. There are a total of eight windows where the zombies can breech, which makes this a very bad room to be stuck in for long periods of time. This is also the center of the map. The cafeteria is a large room, the largest in the map, with many tables around the room, It is one of the goriest rooms in the map, having large amounts of blood splattered across the floor and walls. Quick Revive is located in the corner of this room. There is a Kar98k and an M1 Garand on the wall, the Kar98k for 300 points, the M1 Garand for 500 points.

Room #2Edit

Room #2 is the room immediatly to the right of the spawn. The door to get in costs 500 points, as the hallway is a hard place to survive in. Located in this room is Juggernog. The other doors around the room cost 750 points to open. On the wall is a Double Barrel Shotgun for 1200 points. The door to get into the hallway that leads to room #3 costs 750 points. There is a mystery box spawn location in the corner of the room, next to the Double Barrel Shotgun.

Room #3Edit

Inside room #3 is PhD Flopper. The door to get into the hallway from the spawn costs 1500 points to open, and the one to get into the room from the hallway costs 750 points. Inside the room there is also an STG-44 on the wall for 1200 points. The door to get into the hallway that leads to room #4 costs 750 points to open. The door to get outside costs 1250 points to open, on the wall next to the door on the outside is the mystery box's original spawn point, a teddy bear can be recieved through the box.

Room #4Edit

Inside room #4 is Deadshot Daiquiri, a Thompson is also on the wall for 1200 points. The door that leads in from the hallways cost 500 points, while the door to get outside costs 1250 points. The room has many shelves and racks which make this room a CQC room, good for shotguns and SMGs. One of the objects for the musical easter egg is found in this room on a shelf.


  1. M1911
  2. Kar98k
  3. M1 Garand
  4. PPSh-41
  5. M1919 Browning
  6. DP-28
  7. Thompson
  8. STG-44
  9. Type 100
  10. Type 99
  11. BAR
  12. M1A1 Carbine
  13. SVT-40
  14. Springfield
  15. Bazooka
  16. MP-40
  17. Mosin Nagant
  18. Arisaka
  19. M1897 Trench Gun
  20. Double Barrel Shotgun
  21. MG42
  22. XM143


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