Mark A. Walden
Mw2 rangerf
Mark Walden in Washington
Nickname(s) Hunter Two-Three (former), Mojave Three-One Actual
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Rank SSgt
Affiliations US Army Rangers
Status Alive
Birth November 21th1994
Weapon SCAR-L, SIG-Sauer P226, M136 AT-4
"From the fifty's bro, from the fifty's."
―Mark Walden

Staff Sergeant Mark Walden was a marksman in the U.S. Army Ranger in the unit Hunter Two-Three and later Mojave Three-One, 1st Battalion, 75th Army Rangers. Note: This is an expansion of an actual in-game character.


Mark had a medium-sized build. He had dark brown hair and green eyes. During combat Mark wears the standard ACU with the Universal Camouflauge Pattern and the Impoved Outer Tactical Vests with Ranger green camouflauge. He also wears a balaclava and tactical goggles.


  • Mark Walden's SCAR-L
  • Mark Walden's SIG P226
    • ACOG TA01 4x32
    • EOTech 557 Sight
    • Troy MV Grip
    • FN Silencer
  • SIG P226
    • SIG Laser Sight
  • Field Dressing
  • Binoculars
  • Tactical Goggles
  • Flares


Early LifeEdit

"Shit! Hell Week must be brutal!"
―Walden during Ranger School

Mark was born in late 1994 into a mid-upper class family in Seattle, Washington. And went to a school called Jeffeson Elementary grades Prek-6th and then later going to 7thto12th grade school Named John adams high he later gradtueds from High school goes to naval acadmeny like did his father so he gradtues in Early 2015 goes to Ranger school and passes in late enters the Army Rangers in 2016 as age 21.

Red ZoneEdit

"BCT One is trapped across the river in the Red Zone! We've lost contact!"
―Walden after retreating to Firebase Pheonix

BCT OneEdit

Main Article: S.S.D.D.
Mark's first operation was a patrol in the "Red Zone" in Afghanistan. He and his squad-mate Zack Arnett were accompanying another unit while in Humvees but were attacked by OpFor. Hunter Two-Three fled the combat zone with minor casualties and reached Firebase Pheonix. Many soldiers of Hunter Two-Three were still pinned down at the Red Zone.

The SchoolEdit

Main Article: Team Player
Hunter Two-Three was deployed shortly after returning to Firebase Pheonix. Two-Three regrouped and counter-attacked the OpFor and then proceeded through the Afghani village after Bigfoot lowered the bridge. Hunter Two-Three followed Two-One through the village until they reached the school, from which they were pinned down and asked for assistance from Hunter Two-One. Two-One neutralized all OpFor in the school and Two-Three moved over to a corner store.

Corner StoreEdit

Two-Three moved in to the corner store where there were suspected drugs, weapons and possibly hostages. Two-Three breached the shop and neutralized all OpFor. They secured the weapons, drugs and hostages. After this mission the Hunter Two company was sent back to Virginia and Walden received a promotion to Privte First Class.


"Enemy BTR! Get down!"
―Walden during the events of "Wolverines!"


Main Article: Wolverines!
After the surprise attack of the Russians on the Eastern Coast, Hunter Two was sent to patrol a neighbourhood in Virginia. While on patrol a Russian BTR-80 ambushed them. Hunter Two-Three backed up with Two-Two while Two-One pushed through. While all this was happening Codename: Raptor's Pavelow was shot down and needed assistance. While Two-One protected Raptor, Two-Three and Two-Two brought their Humvees around to pick them up. After multiple firefights in the curvy streets of Northeastern Virginia Two-Three and Two-Two reached Two-One and extracted Raptor.


Main Article: Exodus
While Hunter Two-One and Honey Badger were assaulting Russian forces and attempting to secure another HVI in the suburbs, Two-Three was destroying Russian AA guns and BTRs. They succesully destroyed all AA guns at the cost of their squad leader, Sergeant Zack Arnett. Mark attempted to revive him by running into the field, dragging Arnett back and using field dressings, shock pads, etc. After this, Mark was promoted to Corporal for heroism.

Washington, D.C.Edit

"Shit, we're goin' down! Hold on-Ahh!"
―Walden as the chopper was shot down


Main Article: Of Their Own Accord
As Hunter Two was put to use in Washington during the Russian invasion, Two-Three was tasked with defending the Department of Commerce. However, after sustaining severe casualties Two-Three retreated. After being pushed back into the frotlines of the battle, Two-Three assisted Two-One in taking the Department of Commerce back with sniper support. Two-Three moved to the top of the building after it was retaken (albeit with only two men) and got into the Black Hawk that Two-One had boarded. While over the Department of Justice Building, an AA Gun shot them down. Walden fell out as they were skidding on the ground. He quickly rose to his feet and ran for cover.


Main Article: Second Sun
After all the vehicle affected by the EMP had crashed, Walden went outside and looked around. A Runner approached Mark and told him that Colonel Marshall was regrouping the units and retaking Whiskey Hotel. Mark ran to the White House and fought alongside the other Rangers. Mark attempted to breach the Oval Office but was nearly killed by a Fighter Jet that must have been shot down as it was not affected by the EMP. Mojave Three-One, another unit like Hunter Two-Three, informed Mark that the last remnants of Hunter Two-Two and Two-Three had been picked off by Russians in the heat of battle. Mark worked with Mojave Three-One until Hunter Two-One showed up, then they launched a counter-attack to retake the Whit House.

New HopeEdit

Main Article: Whiskey Hotel
Walden stuck with Mojave Three-One during the entire assault on the White House. They blew up a wall on the White House and entered from there. During the assault Mark threw back a grenade, saving a whole squad from certain death. Mojave Three-One then assisted Hunter Two-One in reaching the top before the F-16s bombed the White House. Walden was promoted twice for his actions in the Department of Commerec as well as the White House. Mark skipped the rank of Sergeant and was transferred into Mojave Three-One. As the highest rank he was appointed Mojave Three-One Actual.

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