Market East


Call of Duty: The Western Conflict


John Parker

Starting Weapons

M416 w/ Red Dot Sight, M9 Beretta

Enemy Weapons

RPK-74m, PKP Pecheneg, RPG, MP-443 Grach, AK-74m, AN-94

Multiplayer Map

The Gallery


  • Enter Market East Station
  • Advance into the concourse
  • Clear out the concourse
  • Clear out The Gallery
  • Link up with friendly forces
Market East is the second campaign mission of Call of Duty: The Western Conflict. It takes place inside Market East station

Loading CutsceneEdit


The level starts with the player and their squad moving through the underground railway tracks from Suburban Station to Market East Station. Once they have reached Market East there are two guards patrolling the track, the player can either kill the two themselves and blow their cover or they can let their squadmates do it quietly. Either way once they arrive in the station they will be detected and will come under heavy MG fire from the upper floors. The player must take cover and find a SMAW to kill the gunners keeping their squad pinned down. Once they do that they must go up the stairs and clear out the station before moving to the mall and clearing that out as well, once this is accomplished they must go outside and rendezvous with friendly forces.

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