the second enemies of LME first is equestrian army 

although mercs is operated by equestrian army its uses modern weapons than pony brigades 

in 2029 it launches operation to all of the cities serving protection but is taken over by EA forces 

their last operation is to defend the canterlot against odessa and pony brigades 

type of mercs Edit

there are type of mercs

odirnary mercs Edit

this ordinary mercs was low in health and armor usually found in all of levels except 1946,1980,1960 and 2012 

radio mercsEdit

this kind of mercs has radio in the back for calling airstrikes many of them found only in isabela city missions

high armor mercs Edit

this kind of mercs have high armor armed with shotguns it only found them in one 2029 missions

robot soldiersEdit

this soldiers was invented by EA army in 2012 and used in some missions 


  • glock 17
  • desert eagle
  • beretta 9mm
  • rap 68
  • aa-12 ( used by ordinary mercs )
  • spas 12
  • mtar
  • ak 104
  • hk416
  • scar-l
  • mp5
  • lsat ( used by robot soldiers )

trivia Edit

.first cod game that enemy used the airstrike at their back in single player missions

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