Metod Černý
Alias Method, Pursuit, Black, Grim Reaper, Grim, Venom Shock
Nationality Czech
Gender Male
Appears in Modern Warfare 3
Hair Brown
Eyes Grey
Height 1.87 Metres
Birth November 3rd, 1992
Status KIA as of June 1st, 2016
Weapon ČZ 552

Metod Černý was a Czech Resistance fighter born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic. He was born into a long line of Police and eventually became one, following in his families shadows. He was known to have little conscience, if any, by allies, but felt a great passion for his homeland. He, along with his family, and always hated Russia and had nothing against killing them during the Russian Invasion of the Czech Republic.

Personality and Appearance

Metod hadn't always been cold hearted, however, he began to care less of others as time went on. This all started when he was 18 years old (2010) when he and his girlfriend were attacked by kidnappers. His girlfriend was taken away but Metod escaped. She was found two days later but died in hosptial of a gunshot to the upper left chest which punctured her heart.

From there on Metod always thought that he shouldn't form an attachment to someone because they can just be taken away. As the years progressed this grew more severe and eventually affected his ability to use emotions and was from time to time called the "Grim Reaper" because of his ability to kill the Russian Invaders (in 2016) without so much as a look of distaste.

He went through most of his life thinking of himself as less of a Human and more as a pawn placed on the world to kill horrible people. He woud follow orders without question and was always cool under the heat of fire. There was still one thing he cared for however, which was a park that he walked through an hour before his girlfriend was kidnapped called Slovansky Ostrov. He formed his Resistance Cell there and formed an HQ underground.

Metod was of average build, at 0.87 metres in height and around 86 Kilograms. He had short brown hair and dark blue eyes.

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