NATO Codename



Heavy Assault with Troop Transport


Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant



Number Built

Unknown, presumed 50


1 pilot, up to 12 troops


1 20 mm Shipnov Cannon

60 Ataka Anti-Armor Missiles

16 Ataka V Anti-Aircraft Missiles


Portable Jamming System

Anti-Missile Flares


The Mi-24 Hydra is a heavily armored assualt helicopter during the Russo-American War.

It is capable of taking down 4 Cobra attack helicopters at once. It features Coaxial Rotors, a 20mm nose cannon, thick armor plating, and many missles and rockets. It was highly maneuverable, but it had the danger of cutting off its own tail rotor when it banked sharply.

Development and HistoryEdit

The Hydra was first delevoped at Mil from the shortened Havoc helicopters, which the majority were destroyed in the costly US invasion. Mil accepted a new design including four wings bristling with missiles. It was first deployed and flown by Yurisec Sidorov who led the succesful Russian victory over Portland. He proceded to attack an American convoy carrying secret cargo. Despite putting up a fight, Sidorov managed to devastate the escorts however, he was stopped by a Pave Low carrying LANCER Silver team, forcing him to retreat. What happened to Sidorov and his Hydra is unknown.

A second Hydra was stored at the underground research facility where Dyavol resided. After an instense firefight against Silver Team, he used it to escape. Silver Team pursued in Hinds when Dyavol reappeared nearly cutting Silver Three, Five and Six's helicopter in half. After Silver Six cut off its tail rotor, Dyavol displayed its ability to still fly, however the Spetsnaz General's surprise was short lived when Silver Six barraged it with rockets, taking it down for good. Dyavol was then executed by Vector.

At least five Hydras participated in the invasion of San Diego. They were all destroyed when the USS Cerberus destroyed the hangar.


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