Mi-45 'Halifax'

Used By

Russian Ground Forces, Russian Air Force, Russian Navy, VDV, Spetsgruppa A


Heavylift/Utility Helicopter


S-8 Rocket Pods, two mounted PKD Heavy Machine Guns


Lifting heavy loads, providing transport/support for troops, patrols

The Mi-45 (NATO Reporting Name: Halifax) is a utility helicopter used by the Russian Armed Forces. It can carry up to 20 troops or a single ZU-23-2, and has wings with weapon mounts on each side, so a missile pod can be attached to support infantry against enemy armor, or it can be completely empty for flying at higher speeds.

It also has a PKT on a folding mount on the back side, so the MG can be folded out of sight, and can be folded down quickly for sudden encounters with hostiles. A second mounted PKT can be found on the left side door of the chopper. It can also accept a latch mount for carrying heavier loads, such as BMP-3 IFVs.

The only variant so far is the Mi-45R, which is slightly larger and is more powerful. The Mi-45R can carry a GAZ-2975 or 2 ZU-23-2s inside it's cabin. The Mi-45 is a highly effective helicopter that can be used as a transport helicopter or equipped as an Attack helicopter, making it very versatile.

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