Micheal Jacobs
Corporal "Mikey" Jacobs
Alias Mike, Mikey, Jacobs
Nationality United States
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Blue/Green
Height 6'3"
Status Active
Weapon M16A1 w/scope, M9, Combat Knife

Micheal Jacobs will be a character in the upcoming story by Alex Martin Rider. A former gator hunter from Louisiana, Micheal "Mikey" Jacobs has a love of life, a carefree attitude and a habit of being able to do anything to impress his buddies. Almost like a four-year old with guns and a intimate relationship with every swear word in the English language, Mikey treats any situation like a fun dare to show off and impress, leading to more than several trips to the base M.D., who has told him that he gets concerned when Mikey doesn't show up every couple weeks with a new story and a new wound. Speaking with a slow Deep South accent, his drawling and stories about gator hunting seem like a bizarre dream when compared to his skill with a rifle. Practicing nearly every day, he's probably one of the best shots the Army has.



  • Primary: M16A1 w/ scope
  • Secondary: M9


  • Headset radio
  • Helmet
  • Combat goggles
  • Tactical flashlight


  • M9 Magazines
  • M16 magazines
  • Flares
  • Smoke grenades
  • Repair Kit (Back)
  • Backpack
    • Backpack contains:
    • Silencer
    • MREs (about 3)
    • Batteries
    • iPod


  • Belt
  • M9 holster (Right)
  • Knife sheath (Right)
  • Two grenades (One on each side)
  • LED flashlight


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